Is 50 The New 30?

stk206002rkeLooking younger is a multi billion dollar business, from botox, to implants, to body lifts, to skin creams.  It seems the world just doesn’t want to look or feel old.

While all of the above techniques can help, I have one that works far better than all of those!  Live a life of healthy eating and consistent exercise!  One of my heroes and mentors Jack LaLanne is living proof that age is just a number!

One important thing that I believe in so strongly is strength training.  It becomes even more important when someone reaches their 40’s and 50’s.  The average person loses half a pound of muscle each year after the age of 25.  Muscle creates shape, muscle creates tone, muscle makes everything you do easier, and muscle helps keep your metabolism elevate.

I like to showcase some of my clients who are living proof of what I believe.  Today, I would like to introduce you to Beth.  Beth is 49 and a mother of 4 kids.  She has been very faithfully attending MamaTone now for over 1 year, and even though she never had a weight issue, she has transformed her body into a lean tight body that could easily pass for a 30 year old.

Beth tells everyone who comes to MamaTone that even more important that the physical changes she has seen is the mental changes;  she is able to handle the stress of 4 kids that are in their teenage years as well as having more energy to keep up with her kids.

Beth has realized that taking 45 minutes for herself a couple times a week is the most unselfish thing she can do, because she now has the body and the energy and the patience to be the best mom, wife, and friend possible.

Here is Beth and I on the NBC Morning Show!

What do you think?  Do you think your 40’s and 50’s and even 60’s can be your best years?  What have you found to work best?

I have 3 great programs that are guaranteed to make you feel better and younger and have more energy!

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2.  MamaTone:  This is primarily for stay at home moms to connect with each other and get a great workout in at the same time.  The workouts are very similar to Fit Fun Bootcamps, but this time it is for moms (or woman of childbearing age) only.  Visit

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  1. I am 57 years old, overweight and out of shape.
    At one time in my life I was so thin that people thought I was anorexic, even though I wasn’t. I am so sick of being bombarded by the idea that aging is bad, evil, wrong, to be avoided, etc. The opposite of aging is death. Yes, I would like to get back into shape, but I am tired of being sent messages that getting old is bad. What does it lead to but unhappiness to think this? An elderly person who is beyond looking young has to be humiliated and rejected. Youth is wonderful and should be enjoyed by the young. Staying fit all your life is a wonderful goal, but glorifying youth and turning aging into the ‘bogeyman’ is craziness. So is the seeming current fad for women’s bodies that look like a teenaged boy’s, no buttocks, no curves, no shape, the less buttocks the better…..we are all born different shapes and sometimes stress, etc. can lead us to not be in our best shape. Your shaming thoughts about the poor woman with the junk food reveals how judgmental you can be. I heard you on the radio once. I think you have a lot to offer, but we should all be grateful to be alive and respect for aging and life itself is important. Why isn’t it ok for some of us to just look like we are getting old?

    • Mary,

      I don’t think “getting old” from an age standpoint is bad at all… We will all be there unless like you said, we die early. This has nothing to do with judging people. Sure this post made mention of how “good she looks,” but more important than that is how good she feels. If someone is carrying a few extra pounds but still feels awesome, that is great!

      But I have trained well over 100 clients who were in their 50’s and early 60’s and with tears in their eyes thank me for helping them transform their lives and bodies to the point where they can’t believe they can do as much and feel as good as when they were in their mid twenties. That is what I am talking about.

      I guess it is fine to look like you are getting old, but hopefully you still feel young and vivacious inside which is the most important thing.

      I hope that cleared it up a little bit, thanks for the great comments!


  2. Dustin, Thanks for your commitment to helping so many people out with becoming their physical best, no matter where they are starting at. When I started training with you, I was getting exhausted just going up the stairs of my house – at 32 years old! Your drive has inspired me to live by a new, higher standard. Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge with so many people!


  3. I am 46 years old. I think Beth is amazing. I hope that I can be in that good of shape when I am 49. With Dustin’s help I have a good start going.
    In my late 30s I decided that I was tired of being overweight & out of shape. (I was in pretty good shape in my teens & early 20s) I’ve tried many things and the Fit Moms for life DVDs have given me the best and fastest results of anything else I have tried. My biggest concern as I age is more how I feel than how I look. My mom has always been one of my biggest role models. She had 10 kids! She is now 84 and still walks about 2 miles on a daily basis and goes to Curves regularly. I remember her watching Jack LaLanne when I was young and trying to do the exercises with her.

  4. Larry J. Allen says

    Dustin; Do you work with males? Iam from Monroe just south of you. do or is you work out studio located in Madison. Also what would the cost be for my wife Deb and myselfto participate. From what I am reading, your training seems to be right on the money. My wife and I are both in our Fifities some place.

    Larry & Deb

  5. I worry a lot about aging so I think this is an interesting topic and I don’t think anyone should be offended by the fact that people really do want to look and feel younger. People do seem to age differently, but I can see the difference when people stay active, watch their diets, see their doctors and dentists, etc.

    I also think we are a bit too obsessed with “looks” alone. But, it’s hard not to when every magazine shows women who have had plastic surgery and their photos have been altered to make them look their best. I hate looking in the mirror and seeing my neck starting to sag–that is just so unfair. But I’m 57 and I ride horses, walk dogs, exercise daily and try to eat healthy meals. I feel great most of the time and I hope I can keep going into my 80s because there are so many things that I love to do!

  6. I am almost 53 yrs old and have been working out with weights quite faithfully since January of this year. I can attest to the fact that weight training is definitely a must as I get older. I am firming up and feel so much better about my body and love seeing definition. In addition to weight training, I truly believe the cardio burst training is far superior to the steady state cardio that Dustin talks about. I am in process of adopting a “clean eating” lifestyle which focuses on lean protein and complex carbs and eating 5-6 smaller meals a day. My challenge is to drink the recommended amount of water each day as well. I have no plans to stop weight training as I get older and look forward to getting stronger and healthier well into my advanced years!
    Thanks Dustin for all your help and inspiration!

  7. Too many people slow down when they get old and the less they do, the less they CAN do. Dustin’s approach to get everyone moving again is brilliant. Use it or lose it!

    I can’t wait to get the DVD I ordered. In the meantime, his videos have been very helpful. Keep up the great work.


  8. I’ve got a question. I’m 62 and not really overweight but somewhat unfit. I have bad knees and when I lift weights (I’m talking 5-10 lbs.) I sometimes encounter back problems. Is the free DVD going to be way over my head given my abilities?

  9. Peggy, Dustin suggests that you try the DVD and see what happens-you can cancel out any time if it is not a fit for you; he does have gals in their 60’s using this series, but you will have to listen to your body. I’d suggest starting with your smallest weights and gradually increasing if there are no problems. Good luck! One more thing, you might want to check out Dustin’s nutritionist, Tracy at: for her talk about using gelatin for issues with your joints, etc.

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