3 Fat Burning Home Exercises

Last week I was on NBCย with the star of the first Fit Moms For Life DVD, Jody.ย  Now for those of you who have claimed your free CD and DVD and watched Jody in action, you will notice a big difference in her from the video to her appearance on NBC.ย  We filmed the DVD about 5 months ago, and since then Jody has lost another 10 lbs and another 1-2 sizes!

This segment Jody shows a few simple exercises that will have your body screaming to release the fat off of it.ย  Jody even shows my highly secret move for raising and shaping the glutes… I call it the J-Lo Booty move.ย  I actually stole this exercise from Brook Burk’s trainer, Gunnar.ย  He said that this is her favorite exercise.ย  And if you know who she is, it is hard to argue with her results ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope by showing you all these different exercises, you will have total confidence in knowing that YOU can do it YOU can make a change, and YOU have all the tools necesary to transform the body and the mind!


  1. Okay, thanks for mentioning the “grunting” thing Sara!! Haha!! But it is true! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks Dustin! Jody, you look great!

  2. Wow! Jody, I was impressed by how you looked in the DVD & now you look even more amazing! I wonder what Jody’s kids think seeing their Mom on TV.

  3. You go girl!!

  4. Awesome, Jody!! Thanks for making our son look good too!! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Awhile back Dustin had a gal give us her day’s menu….it’d be fun to see yours sometime too-if you had time!

  5. Great job Jody! I am continuously amazed by your leg strength and quickness. Maybe it’s from doing all of those funky mountain climbers?

    Dustin’s email had asked us what our favorite home exercises are. I really enjoy figuring out different types of exercises that I can do on my daughters swing set. The swings make an awesome pully for ab workouts and the end of the slide is great for your toes when doing push-ups or planks or that exercise that I saw on the biggest loser where you are in plank position with toes on the slide, hands on the ground, then hop your legs off to each side and then back up on the slide again. Hard to explain, but great for the core.

  6. 1. Great Job Jody! those mountain climbers look….fun ๐Ÿ™‚ Can’t wait to see what the dvd has in store!
    2. Thanks Dustin’s mom for the phone call, that’s a really nice thing for you to take the time to do! Makes it feel very personal!

  7. We did the “J-Lo booty move” at bootcamp Friday morning-I can see why this is a winner, not only do you feel it in your abs, butt, and legs-but it makes you laugh and smile as you get used to the positioning, and fall off the ball a time or 2, entertaining and effective-can’t beat that. Thanks Marsue!

  8. Way to go, Jody! You made all the exercises look so easy. And you look awesome ๐Ÿ™‚

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