How To Improve Triathlon Times And Feel 20 Years Younger


One of the biggest problems many runners and triathletes face is injuries.  One of the reason is because all their activities are in the same plane of motion, meaning they go in a straight line forward.  It is super important to work the body from all different planes of direction and from different angles.  Working the body from all different directions will decrease the chances of muscle imbalances and strengthen all of the small stabilizer muscles.

Another issue with many triathletes and long distance runners is that they neglect to work their core muscles (muscles in the torso area).  The longer a person trains, the stronger the core needs to be to endure the pounding it is taking.

Today, I would like to share with you a video that I did with Tracey on NBC.  Tracey was featured in this blog last week and is more fit now than she was 20 years ago in college (and she was a collegiate athlete!)

I teach a class at Supreme called Got Core and it is a challenging 30 min core class, mostly performed on the ball.  We meet T/H at 5:30 pm.  Click here for more details. Feel free to try the class out for free to decide if it is right for you.

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[youtube _LV5RhkEmmc]

I would love to hear from you!  How has your leg strength or core strength helped you in long distance sports?  Or how has not having strong legs and core hurt you?


  1. Way to go, Tracey! You look fabulous and made everything look effortless 🙂 Keep up the great work!

  2. Tera Boak says

    Awesome video Tracey and Dustin!

    This is off the topic Dustin, but I used to run a lot for my Cardio. I got suuuuper bored with running a couple of months ago and switched to the Stairmaster for my cardio. My mom says it’s going to make my lower half even bigger. What do you say??


  3. Looking great, Tracey!!

  4. Tera,

    I have most of my clients do the stairmaster because it is hard! I wouldn’t be afraid of bulking the thighs up… it is a little more resistance training that running, but as long as you have burning the fat off the legs, the legs will get smaller.

    Try this challenge… See how long you can maintain the highest level on the stair climber. I have seen one woman do it for 15 minutes, anything over 2 minutes is pretty good!

  5. Tera Boak says

    YAAAYYYY! Thanks Dustin!!!! I really enjoy the Stairmaster, plus I am usually ringing wet when I’m done. :-] To me, that is always a good thing! *grins*

    OK! I will try the challenge and let you know what I can do! Plus, I’m not really worried about ‘bulking up’, I look forward to getting stronger and ‘buff’…unlike the old days when my big thing was being 100lbs and being bone thin. It’s funny how ideals change. I still have some of the old eating-disorder things that haunt me, but I continue to battle. :-]

    Thanks Dustin!

  6. Great video Dustin. And Tracey looks like a stud! 55 lb single leg deadlift?! Wow. Impressive. Yes, strength training is super important for runners. I have finally convinced my “runner” client to incorporate more single leg exercises like lunges-forward and reverse, split squats, and step ups. When you’re running, you’re obviously spending 50% of your time on one leg, so I do a lot of unilateral leg work with my clients. It increases their tendons in the lower legs which leads to a more comfortable, relaxed running stride. They havea all said they are not working so hard to “muscle through” the running range of motion now.

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