Hamstring and Butt Toning Exercise

Today in the video we talk about having a workout buddy.  If you are looking for a great way to be accountable with others under the guidance of a highly qualified trainer, check out Madison Fit Fun Bootcamps.

The exercise you are about to see is one of the toughest and most intense exercises you can do to target the hamstrings.  In most people, the hamstring is underdeveloped compared to the quadricep.  This will require a partner, so grab your husband, wife, or friend and give this one a shot!  If you are looking for a great butt lifting exercise, you should definitely add this to the list!

I also wanted to give a HUGE thanks to John Hall for all the videos he did with me.  I really hope I can get back down to Chicago or have him to come up to do some more video.  Be sure to check out his website.

[youtube WS4NDGcZFqI]

Feel free to make a comment in the comments box below and thank John for all his hard work.


  1. Anne A. says

    We did this one at the Marine Bootcamp, it was a hard one! Good to know John is human like the rest of us and gets cramps too!! Great videos, thanks for sharing!

  2. You know how I feel about my butt and hamstring…can’t wait to be doing this one in class! 🙂 Thanks Dustin!

  3. Multi_tasking_Marilyn says

    Truly appreciate all the videos. It just goes to show you that you do NOT have to use gym exercise equipment in order to do effective exercises. Thanks!

  4. Some men are really into keeping their on shape, having perfect muscle to look great. Hamstring and Butt Toning Exercise can be one of the exercises that one can do in order to be fit and health.

  5. Enjoyed all the videos! Thank you very much Dustin and John. I’ll be looking forward to more from both of you! Great job!

  6. Melissa says

    Thanks for all the great videos John and Dustin!


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