Try Something Extreme!

Today’s video is certainly entertaining and will provide you with some smiles watching me not only get dominated by John, but really experiencing some good pain along the way.  (I have been told by many of you that you love watch me hurt, you sick individuals 🙂 )

This is the second to last video I have for you with John and I.  We had been going hard for about 45 minutes filming when we got to this one.

Before the video, I want to talk about pushing yourself past limitations.  These limitations can be both mental and physical.  In nearly every case, the most successful weight loss clients, and highest level athletes that I have worked with, all possess this trait.  It is the can-do-attitude and belief that they can do anything, and if they can’t do it, they will try.

An excuse I hear a lot when clients don’t want to challenge themselves is that they are afraid they are going to get hurt.  Being safe and staying healthy is one of my most important goals for my clients.  I am not talking about doing anything stupid and foolish, but at some point you need to push your body past what it is use to.  If you do it correctly it shouldn’t cause you any injuries, but some use that as a reason to not do it at all.  Sure there is always a small chance of something happening, but the cost of not trying is much worse.

How do you think I learned how to do all that crazy stuff standing on a ball? It took some practice and a few very exciting falls!

I recently had a new bootcamper who came to class, she wasn’t too overweight, maybe could have lost 20 lbs or so, but mostly had NO muscle tone on her body.  She struggled through the workout, but actually did quite well, I was very impressed.  The next day I received an email that this person felt overwhelmed and was challenged too much and wanted to quit.  After some back and forth conversation she decided she didn’t want to continue, but rather listen to a family member who was a trainer who told her to walk for 30 minutes on a treadmill and do some crunches and lunges.  I truly wish this person the best of luck, but gladly refunded her the money and sent her on her way.  She was obviously not ready for creating massive change in her life and wasn’t ready to work hard to get it.  Anybody can walk for 30 minutes on a treadmill and do a few crunches, but what will that get them?  Very little.

Ok, I will get off of my soap box now, but it frustrates me SO much when people look to take the easy way out, they want the results without the sweat equity that comes with it.  If you are looking for REAL CHANGE and HARD WORK, please considering joining me at Fit Fun Bootcamps or MamaTone and get ready to get the body you deserve.

Sorry for that long winded rant, here is the video of John and I.  Do you think at 44 years old, John could maintain a body like his by working out at 50%, I don’t think so!


[youtube JpkDqkFTrbk]

Have any of you experienced or maybe yourself have made excuses or slacked off because you wanted the results without putting in the hard work?  I would love to hear about that!


  1. Soooo…is this the part where I’m suppose to say, “I can’t wait to try this one in class!”? 🙂
    Impressive Dustin!

  2. That was the best one yet!! I like the part where John has to spot you!! 🙂 You did great, almost looked like a gymnast, almost. Would love to try that one! Good job Dustin!

  3. DM….for the bootcamper to quit after one session illustrates the fact she really didn’t want to lose weight, or get fit. Fitness, weight loss, quitting smoking goals are only relevant if the person WANTS to better themselves. Having a plan is essential to achieving any goal…one must keep the end (the goal) in mind during the process.

    I’m reading a book, Living the 7 Habits by Stephen Covey. Four habits apply to your customers….be proactive….begin with the end in mind…..put first things first….. and sharpen the saw (in your case getting stronger and fitter).

    Like everything in life, you only reap, when you sow. I wouldn’t worry to much about your lost bootcamper….it’s unfortunate that in another year, she’ll probably be 25 pounds overweight.

  4. What did you guys use for those make-shift rings? Are they homemade?

  5. Awesome Dustin! Thanks for the positive attitude and encouragement. I’m always fighting that inner voice telling me “you can’t do it”. Today I won a battle at MamaTone, I jumped up on that step. It was mind over matter.

    I have rings in my backyard on our play-set, I’ll try to hold my legs up & extended for a count of 5.

  6. You are crazy…both of you!!! you must have a very strong mind!! Thanks for showing what it takes to push your body. WOW!

  7. @Ray: I agree this person just wasn’t ready to make the change. I hope at some point this person decides that they are worth the investment and the short term pain will soon followed with bliss.

    @Anne: It really puts it into perspective how strong the gymnasts are when they do the rings!

    @Kelly: They weren’t mine, but I am guessing they were bought. You can make your own with either chains or strong rope and PVC pipe for handles.

    @Nancy: I am so proud of you today, you pushed past your fears and conquered it! It will be so much easier to do from here on out. You can also bend your knees and pull them in towards your chest.

  8. I LOVE Jody’s comment:) Just what I was thinking!!
    All I have to say is HOLY C***! That is extreme!!!
    You did GREAT Dustin! Impressive!
    I promise I will be back! I am still going to the Y, incorporating what you taught me, but it is never the same as being there with you all!

  9. I agree with you Dustin,that pushing yourself past what you are comfortable with is important and that it is important to challenge yourself to see improvements.That said, I am one of those people that would rather “stay in the game” than get an injury. I sprained my ankle 6 months ago and it is still swollen and sore.Recovery takes longer when you are older and I would hate to sideline my workout because of some injury. I say, listen to your body and keep doing more when it feels right.Fear of injury is real to me and I would HATE to not be able to workout.

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