Total Body Fat Burning Exercise: Burpee W/Med Ball Chest Press

The exercise of the week is one that I had never tried before I met John.  After doing it, I really enjoyed it and will do it more often in my own workouts.  This type of exercise is a perfect example of what exercise experts call “functional training.”  Functional training means training the body for real life movement.  Machines don’t do that, which is why I really only use functional training when training myself and my clients.

I am still working on developing explosiveness, pay attention to how much more explosion John is able to generate by how the ball bounces off the wall much further for him.  Explosive development will not only create lean muscle, but also burn more fat than lower intensity weight training.

This exercise will not only work the butt, thighs and hamstrings, but also the core, chest, shoulders, and arms.

[youtube U-BvWmwOw84]

If you don’t have a ball that doesn’t bounce, you could use a regular med ball and throw it from a distance up against a concrete wall and wait for it to come back.  Another option would be to use a dumbbell and go outside and chest press the DB, then run after it, do another burpee and chest press it again. 

Try this out and let me know how it goes!


  1. Hey Dustin–this is what I need to work the inner thighs! What kind of ball is it that goes between the legs?

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