Fat Burning Total Body Exercise

I have been receiving many emails and comments saying that you are really enjoying these videos John and I have done.  Most people say they love watching me suffer.  🙂

Here is a brutal exercise that is tough, but also very rewarding.  Kids love to do this exercise as well. I hope these videos show that there are so many different ways to get in shape as long as you are creative.

Creativity and variety is one of the main reasons why Fit Fun Bootcamp and MamaTone are so popular!


[youtube e-h3lC8qUGM]


  1. Wonder how often the mats are cleaned??? 🙂 Once again, love to see you suffer! Nice work!! Don’t think it will work on the carpet at class, I will have to try it in the kitchen, after I mop the floor!! Thanks Dustin!!

  2. hahahhaa! LLOL LOL LOL. u both certainly look like walruses….. but i bet its a killer. Good job!! p.s. I noticed Dustin didnt get up onto his toes like John, was it extremely difficult dustin? or did u just not know that u were supposed to go up on your toes? WOW. crazy, i will have to try this one.

  3. Lookin’ a little winded there Dustin! Ella and I are trying that today and having races…we’ll see who wins!

  4. I think this would be a great way to mop the floors with the kids:) I will have to try it!

  5. I’ve been doing it with most of my workouts since you had me do it. I’m getting better, but it is hard — especially when I have to turn around and start again. It is also nice to do while I’m visiting my parents — no equipment needed. I have noticed some clothes make it easier/tougher though [& my parents’ wood floor is much rougher than mine 😉 ].

  6. Looks like a nice way to clean the gym floor!!!!! You need to do that all over the club (o:
    Those are Yoga Up Dogs.

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