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By now this video and story I am about to share has been told many times, but I am sure there are many who haven’t heard about it, and even if you have, it is great to see again!

[youtube B9MYoQnfVQU]

If you don’t know the Team Hoyt story I will give you the abbreviated version, for the whole story visit

Rick was born with his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck and was severely brain damaged.  The doctors told the family he would be a vegetable and they should put him in an institution.  Thankfully his parents didn’t listen to the docs and they raised him as normal as they could, even teaching him the alphabet despite the fact he couldn’t respond.  At the age of 10, they purchased a machine that would allow Rick to communicate by spelling things with a computer, only using his eyes.  His first words were “Go Bruins.”

At the age of 15, Rick wanted to participate in a 5K race for a local athlete that had been paralyzed.  Rick’s dad Dick, agreed to push Rick in his wheelchair.  They finished 2nd to last, but finished!  After the race Rick told his dad that he didn’t feel like he was handicapped when he was competing.  It was at this moment that Dick realized what he could do to help his son.  For the next 25 years they have completed in nearly 1000 running, biking, and swimming races.  The incredible part is that Dick has gone from finishing second to last, to finishing very high up and has achieved some incredible records, all the while, pushing and pulling his son Rick with him.  For example they have run a 2:40:47 Marathon (10 minutes faster then Lance Armstrong), 17:40 5K, 35:48 10K, and 13:43:47 Ironman in which he pulled a boat with Rick, pedaled a bike with him in the front, and pushed a stroller with Rick in it.  Dick says that his son gives him strength and at the age of 65, Dick is in the best shape of his life.

There are so many lessons you could take from this story, here are a couple.

1.  It is never too late to start working out.  Dick was in his mid 30’s when he entered his first race and is still going strong at age 65.

2.  If you put your body through the right training, unbelievable results can be obtained.  Team Hoyt, went from finishing 2nd to last in a local race, to beating Lance Armstrong in a marathon!

3.  Don’t let small hurdles get in your way.  People make so many excuses about why they are overweight, out of shape or don’t have time to workout and eat properly.  Dick could have given a million excuses why he didn’t have to push Rick through all those races, but he didn’t.

4.  Be fit for a greater cause then yourself.  Why is it that you workout and stay in shape?  Looking and feeling great is important, but there should be more.  Looking and feeling great will allow you to do ______.  For Dick, it was knowing that for those moments that his son was competing, he felt like he didn’t have a handicap.  For me, looking and feeling great will allow me to inspire others and give me the energy to help transform the lives of millions of people in the world.  If I were overweight, had low energy, and was crabby, my effectiveness to influence those around me would be greatly decreased.  This is why I workout and eat healthy.

I hope you enjoyed today’s inspirational post!

Please comment below about the reasons you, either stay in great shape, or want to get into great shape.  Once you have a big enough WHY, you will find the HOW to accomplish it!


  1. Team Hoyt’s story will always move me. And as a triathlete, who writes to encourage other triathletes, I’ll never grow tired of it.

    Last year I emailed Team Hoyt and learned in addition to speaking weekly at corporate events, he and Rick did 37 races/triathlons. 37 events in 52 weeks, a hectic pace. They speak at schools too and are working on a second book. I know they are reaching/touching people. I hope that the actual miles racing give them what they need to refuel and keep going.


  2. Beautiful story. I appreciate the encouraging words too: “…If you put your body through the right training, unbelievable results can be obtained.” “… Don’t let small hurdles get in your way.” …Be fit for a greater cause then yourself…

  3. Saw this video at my son’s retreat last year and cried my eyes out, did it again watching just now … there is something about the unconditional love of a parent and having a cause greater than yourself … I’m inspired!

  4. Wow—-I’ve only been on your email for a week now–but you have already changed my views on things in so many ways, and I have yet to meet you. This just instantly changed my thoughts on my own parenting styles. It shows the true meaning of life and love—-FAMILY!!!! You are amazing Dustin…be proud of yourself and the inspiration you are to everyone!

  5. Yeah, Dustin, you’re right, this story needs to be heard over and over-and the music is very fitting and inspiring also. We heard recently of a counselor who sent all of his clients on a missions’ trip; and we tell our kids that if we are going to compare ourselves to others, do so with those who have less than we do, and we will always come away feeling thankful.

    It’s good to be challenged to think about our own reasons to be fit and healthy-it’s made me stop and think. Initially, tight clothes get me moving (anybody with me?!), and then I joke about not wanting to be the Mom who can’t even press the bar (sad but true a few months ago!). And who doesn’t want to be around when the grandbabies come, and be able to enjoy them and help out?!! An early morning show has been featuring a doctor and his wife teaching life principals regarding healthy eating, beginning with a spiritual application of our responsibility to treat with respect the bodies that we have been blessed with. Looking at it that way, puts an added seriousness to the whole concept of
    health and fitness!

  6. Dustin This video was a first time for me…Truly an inspiration!…Believing that WITH GOD all things are possible…recognizing and honoring the Source of health and strength will bring us to the ultimate finish line victorious…But also I’m proud to have a nephew like you Dustin…You’ve got a good thing going up there..been enjoying your webcasts… Be Blessed as we are here in Phoenix in 72 degrees…(sorry)

  7. I cry every time I see this video…shows you what true love really is…and it is the most inspirational video! I have goosebumps!!

  8. Wow. I’m crying now! What an inspirational story!!!! There is truly no reason for us to not be doing the very best that we can. Thanx for this fabulous story, Dustin!

  9. Hi Dustin,
    That is a great story, and your question Why do you work out? Well you know I am a little addicted to bootcamp after joining session after session since last summer. It is definitely not because I like getting up early 🙂 It is more about making time for me. Women tend to put everyone else first and then end up very tired, worn out, irritable and may feel that they don’t matter much. Women need to take as good care of themselves as they do their families. Since joining your bootcamp I have noticed that I feel better physically and emotionally and I am a better mom/wife/nurse/person in general because of it.

  10. Excellent post, it really puts everything in perspective. We’re here for each other. We need to take care of ourselves to do that. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. I want to have the time, patience, and care to give and exercising helps make that happen.

  11. What a beautiful story! I can’t believe the courage and hope this family has. So inspiring and moving. Thank you for sharing it, Dustin.


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