Burn Fat 10X Faster Then Traditional Exercise

I have gotten the reputation of being anti-cardio. It is true, that I think long slow cardio is a waste of time if your goal is fat loss. Long slow cardio has very little effect on overall fat loss. All long slow cardio does is slow the metabolism, by eating away the muscle, which in turn, directly decreases the metabolism. In order for the person to lose more weight with this technique, they must increase their time and distance. This becomes an ongoing battle with the bulge, that most people will lose.

Instead of doing cardio at 65% or less then max HR, try doing intervals, or a newer technique called “Burst Training.” Sprinters have known this all along. Sprinters do no more then 45 seconds of cardio at one time, yet they have the lowest body fat of any athlete. It is this intense training that gets results. Not only does it get results, but according to research, it gets results up to 10X faster then steady state low intensity cardio. In a society that doesn’t make the time for exercise, finding techniques that are more efficient is very important. I am not saying that long slow cardio can’t work, but works for very few people!

About a month ago I introduced you to a “Cardio Queen” named Abby. Her story resignated with many of you and is this most visited post to date. Check out Abby’s weight loss story. In short, she had been spending up to 8 hours a week running, and only got more overweight. It wasn’t until she stopped her cardio obsession, started intense weight training, burst training, and eating better, that she dropped 23 lbs.

So check out abby as she demonstrates her new type of cardio training that takes her less then 10 minutes 3X per week! I challenge you to keep up with her!


  1. WHEW !!! You go, girl. I ran out of breath just watching you (LOL!!)

  2. Way to go Abby!
    Dustin, What is the longer interval training for this…Did you say there was a 5 minute version? (5 minutes on, _____ minutes rest>)
    Thanks Dustin, Carol

  3. Wow! That is incredible. I am excited about this work out because I really don’t like to run for long periods of time. This might be just the solution I need for getting a good work out in!
    Dustin- I know you explained the intervals in the video, but would it be possible for you to actually write it out?

  4. Ohmygosh!!!
    Seriously Abby, I think I held my breath the whole time, so scared something was gonna’ happen (I know, you woulda’ made a new video….but still!)!! You were incredible-and all that jumping on and off that racing platform–yikesssss! Dustin, I am glad you said it was dangerous and not for everyone, like yer ‘ole Ma, for starters! But, I do incorporate burst training, just slower, and think it is definitely the way to go!

  5. Abby…you ROCK! You make it look so so easy! 🙂 Dustin, you mentioned a few times that what Abby was doing is very difficult and pretty advanced. What would be more appropriate for someone who is not a beginner, but not as in shape as Abby either? Also, how many times a week would you recommend this exercise being done in combination with your classes? Thanks!

  6. Way to go Abby! You rock as usual 🙂 Carson and I watched it and he said, “Mom! Abby is faster than a speeding train!” Great job!

  7. Dustin,
    I have this same problem. I run long distances and am not seeing any weight come off and I am also eating a healthly diet. I am going to try the burst training but would like to know where a beginner should start. It looks like Abby was starting at 8mph and moving up from there. Should I start at 6 mph and max out at 10 or 11 mph?

    I am currently training for a 1/2 marathon so I am running 3 days a week (M, W, Sat). I am hoping I can incorporate this burst training on my cross training days which are T, Th, Fr as Sunday is my rest day.

  8. Dustin:
    You said this was an advanced burst training workout. What would a beginner to medium level burst training workout look like?

  9. April Mitchell says

    Dear Dustin,

    First, I would like to thank-you for allowing me to join your Boot camp. I joined your Boot Camp about two weeks ago. The story you posted this morning regarding Abby was very encouraging and has inspired me. I actually felt the same way for almost two years. To think Abby was my partner this morning in your Boot camp Class, and she looks AMAZING! Currently I’m 32 years old, I have a husband a daughter 10 years old and a son 5 years old, I weigh 146 pounds and my height 4’11. I felt I was eating O.K., but not great. I try and eat fruits and vegetables, when I do eat bread I use Whole Grain. I would try the trick of using a small plate for dinner to avoid overeating. I thought I was working out about three times a week. But nothing was working for me. I was to the point of giving up! But I saw you on TV., not ONCE, not TWICE, but THREE times, I saw you on the morning news. So I said this means I have to call you and join. SO I DID! Since I’ve joined, my energy has increased. Instead of coming home after my workout laying down for another hour before work, I’m actually cleaning, mopping, making breakfast for the kids, laundry, preparing dinner for the evening. I owe it all to your BOOT CAMP! So Thank-you, Thank-you! I would like to Thank Abby also for inspiring me! If I keep at it, I will see results SOON! HOPEFULLY!!!

    Have a Wonderful Day!

  10. You Go Girl! I too would like to have this written out! I have been doing burst training for the last few weeks since talking to Jody about it after Bootcamp one morning. I have only done 30-45 second bursts though and would like to see how the 10-15 seconds fits in. I have not done 12 miles per hour either though! GO ABBY!!! You are Awesome!

  11. Dustin,
    I am confused about something…. I get the point about this approach for weight loss, but I’m reading a book on “base building for cyclists” and the Joe Friel “Training Bible…” where they advocate periodization and training at low levels to build the base. It’s pretty technical and I don’t quite grasp all of that. But, I plan on doing the sprint triathlon end of July, and the 100 mile bike race in Aug, so I’m trying to grasp the concepts. Given what you are advocating for, does this conflict with the base building approach???

  12. PS I’m impressed withe video thought, no doubt Abby’s working hard!

  13. Fantastic Abby! I am out of breath just watching you do that.
    I am not a runner nor do I ever hope to be. Especially since I have been having some issues with my knees recently. Burst training on the elyptical is what I have been trying to incorporate into my routine and seems to be the most kind on my knees. I am with others who have posted wanting things written down in detail. Hw would a 10 minute burst training session on the elyptical look? Keeping in mind that I am still not nearly as advanced as Abby.
    Thanks Dustin
    PS – Boy are my shoulders and upper back sore from MamaTone yesterday. Great workout and way to shake things up.

  14. Joanne Woellner says

    You rock, Abby! You look fantastic & you are such an inspiration because of how you consistantly push yourself. I, too, held my breath thinking that that treadmill was actually going to take off.

  15. Bryan Nelson says


    Fortunately fat loss is not an issue for me. So is there anything wrong with my 45 minute runs 3-4 times a week with resistance training on alternating days? I also do a lot of 20 mile bike rides during the non-snowy months. I’m 53 years old and have been running for nearly 40 years.

  16. Wow Abby! You’re awesome!

  17. WOW!! I can’t wait to get outside and start using short bursts!

  18. This is great!! Way to go Abby! I have the same problem as she did; this is great to see that someone who was in the same situation as i am in now lost the weight!

    You mentioned that Abby was doing an advanced workout; what intervals would you suggest doing when you’re just starting?

  19. Susan Klesper says

    Wow! That is awesome to see! Do you follow any certain kind of diet?

  20. Run, Abby, Run!!!! 🙂


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