Weight Loss Transformation: Mom Puts Herself First And Drops 53 lbs!

As I have said many times, I feel bless to have the job I have and be able to do what I do.  The story you are about to read emphasizes this point.  I get great satisfaction that in some way, I have improved the quality of life of a person, helped them live longer, help them see the world differently, and instill an “I Can” belief.  I met Lynn about 8 months ago and have been blessed to see the journey she has gone through in 2008.  Lynn, is a leader and someone who I could count on to rally the troops in bootcamp.  She is always taking the most challenging weights possible and pushing herself to her limits.  She is also very disciplined with her eating.  There is no doubt that she will lose her remaining 45 lbs and I will do a follow up story when that happens!

So here is Lynn’s story in her own words!

lynn-before-pic“Where do I start?  Ever since high school I was on the slow train to weight gain, when suddenly the slow train stopped off at “How on earth did I let myself get this far?”  Each time I went up a pant size I would tell myself, “This is it – I refuse to go up another size.”  Of course, this only worked until I could no longer zip my pants without sucking my gut in and hoping they would stretch quickly so I could breathe again.  I had gained another 35 pounds when I was pregnant with our daughter and was so happy that I had lost it while I was nursing her only to be disappointed to see it all come right back once I stopped.  One day a friend mentioned that she was going to sign up for a program that makes you keep track of what you eat to help you lose weight.  I decided I would join with her because the “tomorrow we are going to start eating better” plan was obviously not working.  In March 2008, I started tracking everything I ate and drank, actually measured my food to ensure I was eating the CORRECT portion size, made sure I ate breakfast everyday and ate fruits and vegetables every day.  Following this plan I had lost 20 pounds – not bad I thought, but I still had so far to go.  This is when I saw an advertisement in our company newsletter about a women’s only boot camp.  So, I asked my friend if she wanted to join.  She said, yes, and so we started participating in Dustin’s Fit Fun Bootcamp (similar to MamaTone). I was absolutely terrified.  While I had some brief stints at the gym in the past, it was nothing like I was going to be experiencing during bootcamp.   After the second week started, I was completely hooked.  The feeling of accomplishment I would get after making through each session was amazing.  It really made me feel good about myself. 

lynn-after-picAfter the first bootcamp session I had lost about 11 pounds – not bad for six weeks.  I signed up again and continued to sign up for every session offered through December.  As a result of eating better and going to boot camp, I have now lost 53 pounds and have more energy and can do more things.  I am still about 45 pounds away from my goal, but am motivated to keep on going.   I have learned that the number of pounds lost is not the only measure of weight loss success so I will list the rest of my stats.  Due to the weight loss and toning effects of bootcamp, since March I have gone down 3 pants sizes and have lost 2 inches in my upper arm, 7 inches in my waist, 6 ½ inches in my hips and 4 ½ inches in my thigh.  I encourage everyone to try Dustin’s Fit Fun Bootcamp or MamaTone – it is for people at all stages of fitness as you can see by my story.  It is a fun and rewarding experience and I am thankful everyday that I had the courage to try.

Before I started bootcamp, my core was extremely weak due to a combination of my ‘un-fitness level’ and a previous surgery for a herniated disk.  On a daily basis I would wake up with lower back pain, I couldn’t do much of anything without being out of breath and I couldn’t hold my daughter for very long.  How has my life changed as the result of losing the weight and increasing my fitness level?  I find that while I still do not always choose the right things to eat, more often than not I am eating foods that are good for me in the correct portion sizes.  I can fun up the stairs or carry a laundry basket up the stairs without finding myself breathless once I reach the top. I can hold my daughter for as long as I want (or she will let me!) and do not have to pass her off to someone else.  When I wake up in the morning, I find that my back hurts less because my core is stronger. Even though I am by far not the best and not the fastest, I can run up the Elver Park hill, not only because Dustin tells me to, but because I know I can and once I have done it, it feels great to know I made it.”

What do you think of this story?  Do you have any questions for Lynn?  Write a comment below and her and I will respond.

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  1. Wow Lynn!!!!!!!!!!! I remember you from last summer when I was helping Dustin out after surgery–you are amazing!! But I shouldn’t be surprised, ’cause I was sooo impressed with your gang of 12 that came out during your lunch break and worked your heart out in that heat, no matter what the weather–and you were all encourging and rooting for each other….and you gals were funny and entertaining to boot:)! So, you must be a huge inspiration to the rest of your office gang, to keep at it! Looking forward to your next goal met and hearing the next chapter!

  2. Devon Knudson says

    Wow Lynn!

    Your story is extremely inspiring! I continuously check Dustin’s blogs for stories of amazing women acheiving wonderful feats! I know I don’t know you, but I am incredibly proud of your dedication, willpower, and persistence to acheive your goals! Know that you have a cheerleader rooting you on for those last 45! That’s how much I have to lose! Lets lose it together!

  3. Congratulations! You have worked hard to achieve your success. I’m proud of you and you inspire me to work harder toward my goals! I just wish I had started sooner. Good luck on the next 45 lbs!

  4. Christina Applegate/Charnstrom says

    Lynn, you have always been a person I looked up to my entire time at PPD and reading this story just validates what a fantastic role model you are! You have accomplished so much here and it goes beyond weight loss. I am so proud of you! I wish I was still there to participate in this boot camp with you. Keep it up!

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