Madison Personal Trainer Heads Out to NYC

This was my first visit to NYC… I have traveled nearly everywhere in the US except for the upper northeast.  I had a great two days checking out the city.  I stayed with a college dorm friend of mine who lives in Brooklyn.  She was a great tour guide and we had so much fun.  It really is true that you walk a lot in NYC.

I was very excited to ride the subways, but that excitement lasted about 36 hours, until I had been in enough trains to last me a very long time.  They were so much louder and dirtier than I expected.

One of the biggest highlights was from an email I received the day before I left.  A women who receives my newsletter, had heard me awhile back on the radio.  She lives next to Central Park and wondered if I was going to do any training while I was out there.  I thought it was so neat that she contacted me, so I made the 75 minute trek from Brooklyn to W86th street.  We had a wonderful time and got her on a great weight training program.  She was nearing 60 (she didn’t look it at all), and ran a lot, but hadn’t done weights in her life, so I am so excited to see her progress.  I met her husband and I think I might train him the next time I am out there in 3 months.  (He didn’t want her to beat him on the tennis court).

I was told by the MamaToners that I had to eat pizza when I was out there.  I did… I actually ate a whole large pizza by myself (minus some of the crusts).  I do have a big appetite and have to watch my binging tendencies!  I am estimating the calories to be between 4000-5000 in that one meal!  Yikes!

I then took the train up to CT, to meet with a small elite group of trainers, we were all getting mentored by a guy who has a lot of training experience.  The guy I roomed with was awesome and he is one of the most well known trainers in Chicago, he charges $150 per session (don’ worry, I am not getting any ideas).  We spent the time working on my big project that I have been hinting at for awhile.  I think next week I will unvail some of it.

It was great to meet so many people who are of the same mind-set and have similar goals, that is why I always encourage you to surround yourself with good people.  I paid a lot of money for my mentor, but I know that if I spend time around him and others like him, I will develop similar skills and attributes to continue to improve my ability to provide you with the best fitness, nutrition, and motivation I can!

Well there you have it!  My first trip to NYC.  I will be going back in 3 months again for another meeting!


  1. Dustin,
    Looks like you had a fabulous time in NYC. My question is, could you actually taste those 4-5,000 pizza calories????
    I have a terrible head cold today and can not taste anything. It made me think of you and what you shared at our MamaTone party about your poor sense of taste. Such a shame really.
    I look forward to hearing more about your trip and hopefully feel better to see you in class next Monday.
    Welcome back –

  2. Hi Dustin,
    I am very happy to know that you PIG OUT on pizza once in a while!!!!!!!


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