The Winner Of The Health, Fitness, and Friendly Nutrition Quotes!

Wow!  What a response to the request to share your favorite friendly quotes with everyone!  Click this link to read all of the quotes and feel free to add your own! Can you see how powerful this community is when everyone participates?  I posted some of my favorite quotes and got about 300 plus positive friendly quotes back from all of you. Thanks so much for participating and being part of our co … [Read more...]

What Are Your Favorite Quotes?

I love quotes!  I like to have many quotes that I have in my head when I need some inspiration to not skip a workout, or say no to seconds at the dinner table, or to succeed when I feel all the odds are stacked against me. My goal of this post is to create a huge list of quotes that are related to success, health, exercise, nutrition, mindset, energy... whatever you can think of.  Please share as m … [Read more...]