Glad Tidings I Bring…

Posted by Roger, a contributor to this blog. Dustin recently stated that we should share ways that his program or website have influenced us or inspired us so today I thought I would share that with you. Years ago I loved to write. In fact, I thought that writing would someday be my profession. However, upon entering the real world of work and adult pressures I found that the time I would use to … [Read more...]

Challenges and Obstacles

Posted by Roger, a contributor to this blog. Today was a hard bootcamp. Dustin told us at the beginning that it would be so I braced myself for it. Unfortunately, at the end, I was very disappointed with myself because I don't feel I had one of my better days. In fact, I felt as sore, tired, and nauseous as I did after my first day of bootcamp 5 months ago. We did the bar workout and it … [Read more...]

My Logrolling Experience

This past weekend I tried something that I have wanted to do for a long time, but just never got around to.   For many years I have seen my boss Shana Martin become the world champion logroller and it always looked like something fun to try.  I got my chance this past weekend in a local tournament.  Shana asked myself along with many of the local news reporters to compete.  I think the reason they … [Read more...]

Outdoor Workout Ideas

I know there are people from all over the world who read this, but for those of us in the Midwest United States, it has finally gotten warm---with highs getting into the 80's!  With summer nearing, getting workouts in outside is very desirable.  After a long winter, the fresh air and bright sun are all we need to lift our spirits and brighten our day. Fit Fun Bootcamps always get very popular in t … [Read more...]

Exercising During Pregnancy

Today I have a special guest write named Alecia.  She was recently on CBS news with me showing some great lower body exercises.  What impressed me most about Alecia was how hard she continued to work throughout her pregnancy as well as soon after she delivered the baby.  At this point I need to say that I am not a doctor and you should check with your doctor to make sure you are cleared to ex … [Read more...]

My Goals And Predictions For 2010!

As I ponder and look back on 2009, I am very grateful for all the opportunities as well as challenges that I experienced.  One year ago I never would have thought that the blog I had just started is now getting 1,000-2,000 visitors each day, and that I would have close to 2000 current clients through Fit Moms For Life, Got Core, Fit Fun Bootcamps, and Mamatone. I would sum up this year as u … [Read more...]

Madison Weight Loss Fitness Program

This past weekend Fit Fun Bootcamps kicked off the indoor season in a big way with 97 adults and 25 kids participating in the workout.  It was great to see so many people and families coming together to invest in themselves, get a great workout in, and have lots of FUN in the process! I wanted to thank 8 of my trainers for being there to help out with it!  Thank you: Ryan, Marsue, Deb, Abby, K … [Read more...]

2009 Ford Ironman Championships Madison Wisconsin

This past Sunday was one of my favorite days of the year.  My home town of Madison, WI is host to one of the IronMan races.  Some people think that I am a triathlon and ironman hater because I don't think it is the best way to lose fat.  I did get a few emails from people amazed at some of the larger athletes, but at the same time, we don't know their whole story.  Two of the largest people I saw c … [Read more...]

Is 50 The New 30?

Looking younger is a multi billion dollar business, from botox, to implants, to body lifts, to skin creams.  It seems the world just doesn't want to look or feel old. While all of the above techniques can help, I have one that works far better than all of those!  Live a life of healthy eating and consistent exercise!  One of my heroes and mentors Jack LaLanne is living proof that age is just a nu … [Read more...]

A Kick In The Butt

We had an awesome workout this morning at Fit Fun Bootcamp!  It is such a great way to start the day out.  As I was talking with some of the bootcampers this morning they said that this was just what they needed after a weekend full of eating, drinking, and celebrating.  (I find it interesting, that food and alcohol always seems to be necessary for a celebration) If you did eat poorly this we … [Read more...]