Success Story, Are you ready to be one?

(From Contributor Kris) We all love a good success story.  We buy the magazines, we watch the TV shows and we search the web for inspiration.  We take it all in but then what?  Do we go back to our lives with a glimmer of hope that "someday"....or do we kick it into gear and make it happen?  The answer to that question isn't always a matter of willpower, it lies in our psyche.  There is a path … [Read more...]

Creating Change From Within: The Mind Part 1

I spend at least 1 hour a day (try for 3 hours) studying a variety of topics from bio-mechanics, exercise science, nutrition, business, famous people's biographies, real estate, habits, behavioral science and so on.  The one topic that I have really been getting into the past couple years is "mindset" and creating lasting behavior changes. I don't see my job as just giving a client a bunch of … [Read more...]