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Don’t Give Up!!

I have seen so many people reach amazing physical accomplishments that both them and myself are shocked at. One of the programs I created and run is call MamaTone Fitness. These women are in their late 20's to late 40's. Every day I am inspired at how hard they work and the attitude each one brings!  Half way through their 4th set of sprints up an extremely steep hill one woman said, "Do you know … [Read more...]

Why Women Should Weight Train

I receive quite a few emails from my subscribers asking fitness and nutrition questions.  One common question is related to women being afraid to resistance train because they believe they are going to bulk up! I think this stems from the periodic viral emails that go around showing women who look like men.  These bulky woman have been taking steroids!! One specific question I received was, "I … [Read more...]

Living Life To Its Fullest

Awhile back, a long time mom and daughter team of Fit Fun Bootcampers had lost their younger sister/daughter from a fight with cancer. She was only 20 years old and we continue to send prayers and thoughts to their family and friends.  We all have stories on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis that remind us that life here on earth is precious and short. It reminds us that we should spend each day … [Read more...]

Don’t Try Any of My Fitness Programs Until You Read This… We Might Not Be Right For You

Don't Try Any of My Fitness Programs Until You Read This... We Might Not Be Right For You I am going to write this from the perspective of Madison, WI, but you could be reading this from most places in 1st world countries and it will apply to you as well. It is quite the paradox we are living in... we are sicker and unhealthier then ever before, yet have more amazing options to gyms, weight … [Read more...]

5 Weight Loss Lies We Tell Ourself

I have been a certified trainer for nearly a decade through an organization called ACE. They publish articles quite frequently and I thought their most recent one was exceptionally good. Click here to read ->-> 5 Weight Loss Lies We Tell Ourself Have you told yourself any of these lies? The sooner you can tell yourself the truth, the sooner you will become lighter, fitter, and … [Read more...]

A Life Of Balance

Finding balance as a mother of five By Ahndea May Life with three kids ages 9, 8 and 5 requires a lot of multi tasking. Not to mention, the ability to stay balanced and healthy enough to accomplish everything. To our surprise, we found out I was pregnant with twin girls in February of 2010. Thus, pushing our family to a total of seven last year. I am a firm believer that staying positive can … [Read more...]

Mary’s Journey To Discovering Herself and Dropping 74 lbs

Mary is someone I have yet to meet but hope one day to.  She has been a faithful follower of the Fit Moms For Life workouts and eating plans for a couple years and the results are very dramatic.  I really like the part about her story where she shares about being overweight her entire life.  Many people believe that when you are overweight at a young age, you are doomed to a life of obesity, it … [Read more...]

One Tough Cookie 2012

One of my favorite things in the world is to be around people who are trying new things and overcoming challenges and obstacles. I had the honor of being the official trainer for the One Tough Cookie mud run.  It is a 5K obstacle filled challenge that benefits the girls scouts of Wisconsin.  There were about 1000 women doing the event and I had about 60 of my Fit Fun Bootcampers, MamaToners, and … [Read more...]

What it takes to Succeed

I am writing this at around 3 AM, on a Saturday morning.   I have been working for about 45 minutes, getting ready for my book release and just brainstorming ways I can help more of you in the most effective, powerful, and passionate way possible achieve your ultimate health; but more importantly live your best and most fulfilled life possible. (Sorry that was a long run on … [Read more...]

Lessons Learned From Sky Diving

They say fear keeps men (and woman) from achieving greatness.  Fear is a strong force the keeps us from achieving all we want out of life. "The key to change... is to let go of fear" I believe those who are most successful in life, are those who feel the fear and do it anyways.  Can you imagine what the Navy Seals 6 team was feeling as they were in their helicopters, moments before they repelled … [Read more...]