A Benefit Most Don’t Talk About From Exercise


I recently attended an internet marketing conference (for the 4th straight year), to help me improve my communication skills. I am determined to use the internet in the best way possible to help bring hope and health to moms who are looking for a way out of constantly putting others' needs ahead of their own and bring more balance to the many demands of motherhood. I was super inspired to attend … [Read more...]

5 Things You Should Do in The Next 28 Days to be “Spring Break” Ready


It seems like winter is never going to end and global warming is a joke, but I know many of you will be heading south for spring break and for the rest of us who aren't, summer is just around the corner. To be swim suit ready, and just feel better overall I would like to share 5 things you should start doing right now over the next 28 days. 1. Eliminate all soda, juice, sugared coffee, and … [Read more...]

You Are Never Too Old To Start Exercising


This video really inspired and reminded me that age is mostly just a number and that no matter your age you can improve and transform.  Sonny was in his mid 40's before he ever picked up a weight and started working out.  Now it has become a core part of who he is and what he stands for. I want you to think about your life.  What is something you can start doing that you might have thought y … [Read more...]

Do This ONE Thing To Get Faster and More Consistent Results


I am having a great time in NOLA at this internet marketing conference I'm attending to learn how to communicate my message in a more impactful way. There are over 500 men and women who have seen incredible success (financial, emotional, and otherwise) at this conference. The tickets just to attend this conference are extremely expensive, but I was blessed to be one of the main speakers a couple … [Read more...]

Do This One Thing and Life Will Get Better


What is one thing you can start doing that will have a profound impact on your life? Asking for help. Our society tells us that asking for help is a sign of weakness. A sign that we aren't capable of doing it on our own. A sign of failure. I look at it as the opposite. It is a sign of vulnerability and gives someone else the opportunity to be a blessing. I recently shared a powerful story of … [Read more...]

A Positive Lesson From The Olympics


I hope you have been able to get a chance to watch some of the Olympics. I have enjoyed hearing the stories of the athletes overcoming great odds to achieve excellence in their sport. A couple of the cooler stories came from speed skating and cross country skiing. There were a couple athletes in their early 40's. One of them won gold while the other just missed placing. I think for most of … [Read more...]

What does eating processed food and inactivity costing you?

1Healthy Eating

It is so easy to live in denial about the costs of inactivity and poor nutrition. We can justify to ourselves that healthy food costs us more, or we don't have time to exercise. If we only had a magic ball to show us the extremely small little decreases our body experiences each day when we make these poor choices, that in reality it costs us SO much more. Check out these commercials about … [Read more...]

Let Me Be Vulnerable and Share With You A Secret…


Being a fitness professional is hard... It is hard to live up to the standards and "perfect" lifestyle that our clients believe we have. Believe it or not, most fitness professionals struggle with body image, weight maintenance, motivation, etc., just like you. I really struggled with this earlier on in my career. I would make sure none of my clients were around at the grocery store if I bought … [Read more...]

My Realization Over A Broken Windshield

Animated snow

I had a rough past week. My car, which is one of the worst cars ever built for snow, got stuck 4 times over the course of a couple days, ending in the most dramatic fashion...I was driving up Gammon Road pumped to teach my Fit Moms session. It had snowed no more then 1 inch, and my rear wheel drive car made it 3/4 of the way up the hill and decided it couldn't get up any higher and wanted to slide … [Read more...]

Was The Biggest Loser Winner TOO Thin?

1 Biggest

Unless you tune out all media, it was hard to escape the buzz over this week's BL winner. Rachel, 5'5, went from 260 lbs to 105 lbs in the course of the 8 months. Was The Biggest Loser winner too thin? I am not here to judge if what she did was unhealthy or not. I have read reports that she ate 1,600 calories a day and worked out up to four times each day, but who knows... I wasn't with her 24/7 s … [Read more...]