Signs You are Overtraining

I received a great email from a client so instead of just writing her back, I decided to make a video and ask my buddy drew to chime in and give his unique perspective on the situation. If you haven't checked out Drew's amazing juicing information, click here to learn from the best when it comes to juicing fruits and vegetables. Drew focuses on high end coaching where he will come to your … [Read more...]

Discover How CBS News Anchor Sarah Carlson Lost 6 Inches Off Her Waist

Today's transformation is a very special one for me.  For many of you living in WI, you know Sarah Carlson as the news anchor for CBS.  I have been fortunate enough to know her also as a good friend.  Sarah is responsible for hundreds if not thousands of you reading this blog, and taking my classes.  Sarah was the first person to give me a chance on TV, and I am so grateful for that.  Sarah has gon … [Read more...]

Amazing Green Smoothie Drink

Drew Canole and I are back with another recipe for you. This shake that you will see Drew make blew me away. It was so tasty, easy to make, and ridiculously healthy. After eating it, I felt so good for the rest of the day. In case you missed our last video where Drew showed you some pushup variations, you can click here to check it out. Here is what is in the green smoothie drink: Whey Protein … [Read more...]

Healthy Quick Breakfast

Everyone knows that eating breakfast is very important.  But what we eat is something many are misinformed about.  A breakfast should include a pretty good balance of fat, carbs, and protein.  You want it balanced so that your blood sugars don't shoot up too high, and you want enough fat and protein in it to keep you full for awhile. This breakfast I am going to show you today, doesn't have many ca … [Read more...]

Strawberry Salad

It is strawberry season in Wisconsin! What I buy from the grocery store in January has so little in common with the homegrown strawberries of June that they really should be re-named! Here is the salad that I have been eating every day for the past week. Ingredients                                                                                  2 teaspoons strawberry jam (I use Simply Fruit)     … [Read more...]

Syrniki ~ or ~ Russian Pancakes

Hi!  This is Kim, one of Dustin's contributors.  We tried a new recipe today for a gluten-free pancake.  It actually tasted more like a biscuit.  We found the recipe on and you can watch the video of how to make them here.  The final product received mixed reviews from our kids, but I thought they were pretty good.  … [Read more...]

Black Bean Quesadillas

As I have been dusting off my summer recipes I came across this one today.  It's quick and easy for those busy summer nights. Black Bean Quesadillas Ingredients: 2 large flour tortillas 3/4 C shredded cheddar or monterey jack cheese 1/2 C frozen corn, thawed 1/2 C red bell pepper, diced 1/2 C black beans, drained 1 green onion, chopped coconut oil to coat pan Directions: Melt coconut oil i … [Read more...]

Green Smoothie Anyone?

Hey - It's me, Patty, one of Dustin's FMFL bloggers.  Just a quick blog on a recipe that you need to try!  Memorial day is not a good one.  It's cold, it's wet, and there are severe storms headed our way later this afternoon/evening.  So - I'm inside, catching up on some bookwork, housework, recipes, planning, batch cooking, blogging, etc.  A friend of mine from Spark People challenged me to tr … [Read more...]

How Much Sugar is in a Can of Coke (Video)

I don't want to beat a dead horse again by talking about sugar but it still is the biggest problem people seem to be having.  In a previous blog post I go in depth in the sugar topic, and in another blog post one of my contributors shares what it was like to stop eating sugar cold turkey. Here is a great short video that helps drive home the sugar point. A few weeks ago my girl friend and I … [Read more...]

Summer has officially begun!

...and ready or not, so have summer sports!   Hi!  This is Kim, one of Dustin's contributors. Summer is supposed to be a time of relaxation.  When I think of summer, I think of hammocks and beaches.  My first day of having kids home on summer vacation went like this: … [Read more...]