“Finally! The Secret to Losing 60lbs OVERNIGHT!”

One of the things that gets me the most upset is when I have someone tell me or I hear through the grapevine via a friend that the person doesn't want to do, Fit Fun Bootcamps, MamaTone, or Fit Moms For Life DVDs because they aren't in good enough shape for it.  To me that is a slap in my face and my trainers faces, basically saying that they don't think we can provide modifications and a workout … [Read more...]

Eat This and Lose Weight

Today's story is so exciting for me to share with you.  It is an update on a past food journal that I shared with you.  The food journal came from a new bootcamper of mine who thought she was eating well, but actually had one of the worst food journals I had ever seen.  Before reading on, click here to check out her food journal before. Okay now that you saw the ugly, what you are about to read … [Read more...]

Empty Nest Mother of Three In Best Shape of Her Life: Part 2

I recently featured a client named Sue who has kicked butt and is showing those who are past their 40's that the best years are still to come.  Sue works out obsessively hard and intense, but she eats just as well too.  I have asked her to share with you a sample meal plan.  I know you will get a lot out of it. But if you haven't read her story yet, click here to check out her … [Read more...]

You are What You Eat: Part 2 of 2

A couple days ago I shared with you part 1 of a story on a Mom with 7 kids who changed her whole families life. I received so many comments and private emails from my subscribers about this story and how it really inspired them to look at what they are feeding their kids. The second part of the story is about the miracles Kim's family has seen from getting off of the traditional processed and … [Read more...]

You are What You Eat: Part 1 of 2

Today I want to share a story of a mom named Kim and her 7 kids, yes I said 7!  I met her through my Fit Moms For Life DVD program and then went to ND and did a bootcamp out there for a bunch of her friends. She just launched her own FMFL community at a recent elementary school orientation and has 36 women who have committed to working out together each week and getting together intentionally to … [Read more...]

Benefits of Detoxing

I have been receiving numerous questions about detoxing and if it is worth it or not.  I have studied detoxification a little bit, but I wouldn't consider myself an expert, so I asked Tracie to help out with the subject. If you want to check out her facebook page click here: http://www.facebook.com/itsyourplate Please click here to find out more about an upcoming 8 week seminar series that … [Read more...]

Healthy Snacks and Meals To Pack When Traveling

The past 18 months I have flown more than all my other years combined.  Traveling can be a stressful and tough time to make healthy choices.  But when I hear people saying the can't eat healthy when traveling, or use the excuse that it is impossible to make healthy choices, it really gets me upset.  These are just excuses to help make us feel better.  I had a bootcamper recently tell me she was … [Read more...]

Food Journal: Example of What NOT to Eat

One of the free services I offer to all my clients is analysis of their food journal.  I have talked many times about the importance of a food journal.  Studies show people lose 40% more weight when they write it down.  I recently received this food journal from a female bootcamper of mine who is in her 30's and is looking to lose a bit of weight, she probably has less than 30 lbs to lose. If you … [Read more...]

Quick Healthy Breakfast

It really gets old to hear people tell me day after day that they don't have time to eat breakfast.  I mean how long do you think it takes to eat a quick nutritious meal?  I would argue it can take less than 5 minutes to prepare a good breakfast. If you truly don't have more time than that, then eat it in the car.  (I am trying to get more direct with everyone; I have been told I am too … [Read more...]

My Favorite Healthy Salad

I love salads. I pretty much will throw anything on them. Awhile back I shared with you another one of my favorite salads. But the last 3 months I have been reintroduced to a childhood favorite salad! Check out what I mean. Ingredients: -Black sliced olives -Cucumber -Feta cheese … [Read more...]