Healthy Pumpkin Granola Recipe

My mom and I are back with another recipe for you.  Click here if you missed our pumpkin black bean soup recipe.  It was delicious. Granola is a very tasty snack or breakfast, but it does contain quite a bit of calories.  It is always better to make things from scratch.  Enjoy the video and then below the video will be the recipe and my moms commentary :) PUMPKIN GRANOLA 3 c. organic oats … [Read more...]

Food Journal Analysis

I think this blog post is going to be very powerful for you.  I want to first say that the woman in her early 30's that will be talked about in the blog post, she is one of the nicest and most amazing people I have met.  She has a warmth about her that radiates, and I am so excited to be part of her transformation.  She has given me permission to be brutally honest with her as well as let you all i … [Read more...]

How to Overcome Late Night Food Binges

ahh, the late night cravings or the mid afternoon munchies.  They hit us all from time to time.  But for those who struggle with this on a daily basis it can lead to some serious problems.  I believe late night eating is one of the single greatest causes of obesity in the world today.  I am not oppose to eating in the evening, when it contains little to no carbs that is.  But most binges are most … [Read more...]

Amazing Green Smoothie Drink

Drew Canole and I are back with another recipe for you. This shake that you will see Drew make blew me away. It was so tasty, easy to make, and ridiculously healthy. After eating it, I felt so good for the rest of the day. In case you missed our last video where Drew showed you some pushup variations, you can click here to check it out. Here is what is in the green smoothie drink: Whey Protein … [Read more...]

Great Summer Recipe and Interesting Information on Weight Loss

Hi Everyone! My name is Karen, I am a not so regular contributor on this blog (I will blame it on my 3 young girls :)) and a Fit Fun Bootcamp Instructor in Waunakee, Wis. Beat the Heat If you live in the Midwest this week is going to be HOT. I am trying not to complain, one it isn't good for you but two I really dislike winter and cold weather. Just be smart in the heat. If you are exercising … [Read more...]

Healthy Spinach Dip

It's me! Patty! I've been looking for healthy snacks to take to the lake for the 4th.  I love fruit, love veggies, but need to remember to add the protein. Greek yogurt is a great way to add protein!  Today I found this recipe on Oxygen.  I will be making this and serving with pita chips and veggies! Spinach Dip - Oxygen Magazine This guilt-free dip provides a healthful dose of protein and ph … [Read more...]

Strawberry Salad

It is strawberry season in Wisconsin! What I buy from the grocery store in January has so little in common with the homegrown strawberries of June that they really should be re-named! Here is the salad that I have been eating every day for the past week. Ingredients                                                                                  2 teaspoons strawberry jam (I use Simply Fruit)     … [Read more...]

Eliminating Artifical Dyes From Your Family’s Diet

Red 40, Yellow 5, Blue 1... read the labels on hundreds of foods and beverages sold in the United States and you are bound to see these and other artificial food colorings among the ingredients.  There are some studies that link these dyes to behavior problems in children.  Earlier this year, a Food and Drug Administration panel investigated a link between hyperactivity in children and artificial d … [Read more...]

Green Smoothie Anyone?

Hey - It's me, Patty, one of Dustin's FMFL bloggers.  Just a quick blog on a recipe that you need to try!  Memorial day is not a good one.  It's cold, it's wet, and there are severe storms headed our way later this afternoon/evening.  So - I'm inside, catching up on some bookwork, housework, recipes, planning, batch cooking, blogging, etc.  A friend of mine from Spark People challenged me to tr … [Read more...]

Summer has officially begun!

...and ready or not, so have summer sports!   Hi!  This is Kim, one of Dustin's contributors. Summer is supposed to be a time of relaxation.  When I think of summer, I think of hammocks and beaches.  My first day of having kids home on summer vacation went like this: … [Read more...]