The Ideal Community

A commercial for beer just came out, and normally I would never share an ad for beer, but they created an incredibly powerful message.  As I watched this, I couldn’t help but think that this is what all of the programs I try to create should feel like.  Just think how much more amazing life would be if we supported and got supported like the guys in this video. Enjoy


  1. Hi Dustin, Congrads go to your new achievement of the wonderful, amazing structure that you have invested your heart and soul into getting . I wish you much luck in your new venue. Great things will help you get to the top like this. Shalom, Esther Pearlman

  2. This is definitely what you achieve in all the programs you are a part of and create Dustin! I’m so excited to visit your transformation center sometime when it’s done! What’s interesting is that each one of us are our own unique transformations centers and health and fitness programs help springboards us to that transformation! The beer looks like apple cider – so not to worry!


  3. Wow!!!! Love the commercial….. support, team work,
    Dedication,and commitment

  4. All I can say is TEARS and LOVE!!! Way to go Guiness – Great Commercial and Great Message!!!!

    Dustin – I attended my first PTO meeting last night and already have the feel that there might be a need and some interest in a FMFL Community with the mom’s there. I am going to continue to get to know the group better and feel them out. Who knows, maybe I will become a leader 🙂


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