Fit Moms For Life Home Workout DVDs: Why Should you Invest in Them?

I received a great email from: Kathryn.

Subject: Why should I  choose your workout?
A friend suggested your workouts so I checked out your website.  I enjoy working out in my home to DVDs, prefer Boot camp workouts, weight training over dancy workouts.  I would consider your buddy workout, but will be doing them alone as I work out at 5:30 a.m.  I could buy 4 dvds for closer to $10 each, so convince me why I should buy your 4 for $75.  Also consider your Fit Moms for Life set.  What does this dvd set offer me to spend that amount each month?”

Kathryn, I also forgot to mention that in the past few years since I started creating DVDs I have been blessed to have sold more than 10,000.  Of those 10,000 I have only had one person ask for  refund.  This is something I am very proud of!

For those of you interested in the DVDs, click on any of the DVD images to the left.

If you have questions about what DVD program I would recommend for you, please email me directly at and write a paragraph about your situation and goals and I will recommend what I feel is best.


  1. I also love workout DVDs. I’ve got a huge library and even many still on VHS. Many even came with little pieces of equipment…bands, steps, tiny ankle weights…most of which is broken or collecting dust in the garage. I’ll tell you an additional difference I’ve found from FMFL over almost every other video in my collection – it is an effective total workout (weights, cardio, abs) in 45 minutes. I have a 10-min. workout series which is fine for a busy week, but it didn’t give me any results. Most of the videos I’ve found are 60-90 minutes and focus on either weights or cardio. Who has time for 90 minute workouts with a full-time job and kids? Starting month 12 of FMFL, I am down 35 lbs, from size 16 to size 10. Most of the weight loss was early on, but I’ve maintained, gotten stronger and lost inches. It is still fun and challenging and I’m looking forward to starting over again with DVD #1 when I’m done with this month.

  2. Hands down the best workout dvds I’ve ever bought! (and I’ve bought quite a few)They are the only ones I’ve ever bought that I used more than a couple of times. It’s been over 2 years since I got the first FMFL dvd and I still use them 3 times a week. I’ve got most of the dvds that Dustin sells. At 48 I feel and look better than I ever have in my entire life. How many women in their 40’s can say that?

    You really do “get” Dustin along with his dvds. He is ALWAYS willing to answer any question that you have and really cares how you are doing on his programs. He wants you to succeed. I really believe that the success of his clients is more important to him than selling the dvds.

    If you are on the fence…go for it! I’m not surprised that he has only had one person ask for a refund. They are that good.

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