Coming Together as a Community

Don’t ask me how I found this video that was from the 1980’s, but it is one of the neatest videos I have ever come across.  It really shows the power of community and the power of supporting one another for a common cause.  After watching the video I have some thoughts on how it pertains to you, and then please add your comment in the section below.

The past year has really shown me the power of numbers and the power of people coming together for a common cause.  Thinking back to 9/11 and how America, and in particular NYC, pulled together and took care and supported one another, is a true testament of what can be done and accomplished when we are all reaching for a common goal.  The opposite can be true, and we don’t have to look any further than the political mess we have going on right now.  The politicians don’t have similar goals and agendas and therefore are doing very little in the way of positive change.

So what does this have to do with you, and your fitness?  I have talked plenty of times before about the importance, dare I say necessity, of a strong support group.  Not building a support group around you is like what it talks about in the Bible regarding building a house on the sand.  The house will stay standing as long as the conditions are perfect, but the moment that the wind starts to blow and the waves start crashing over, the home will be destroyed.  Same goes with your health.  If you were in a perfect environment all day that promoted healthy behavior, life would be pretty easy.  Just look at how successful those who are at the Biggest Loser ranch.  But what happens when you get a divorce, or get diagnosed with cancer, or your kid breaks his arm, or your husband loses his job?  In times of struggle, is when the community you have created around you becomes so important.

In the past year I have really shifted my day to day life.  If you saw me about a year ago, I would have been in the gym training clients close to 40 hours per week.  Now I train about 16, 45 minute sessions per week and spend about 5 hours per day on the phone, on skype, or on the computer doing interviews and connecting with people.  I realized awhile ago that I am only one person who can do so much, but if I share a common goal or message with others, they can get behind it and create excitement that they share with their friends.  The ripple effect can spread quickly and before we know it, we have built strong communities of people seeking a common goal.

That is why my upcoming book ends with a couple chapters on building your own support group, and why I feel so passionately about creating as many Fit Moms For Life community groups around the world as possible.

I am tired of seeing America turned into the place where unhealthy communities dominate the landscape.  I hope this is a rally call for all of you to take responsibility and get involved in your communities to help those around you live the healthiest, and happiest life possible.

Question of the Day:  What did this video teach you or get you thinking about?  Please comment below.


  1. This is so inspiring, additionally because the mean age of the movers seems pretty old! I work with the residence halls on a college campus. This video sums up what we’re trying to teach college students…how to come together with a new community as independent adults to do amazing things and to learn how to work with that community even when there are conflicts and differences. Thanks for sharing, Dustin. I’m sending this to all my colleagues across the country.

  2. Dustin,

    This video reminds me of something my grandfather used to tell us, that “one tree does not make a forest”. As I get older, I hear my grandfather even louder. The best part of this lesson is that one has to think of other, not necessarily oneself in order to reach the goal. Notice how the movers are watching the person next to them. I bet each one is also thinking about every other mover.
    I don’t only try to integrate this lesson in my daily life, but I share it to people by simply quoting the old man. Some of my kids’ friends love it. They first chuckle when I say it; you know how kids are 🙂
    As a BB mom and a follower of John Wooden, I will add that it also reminds me of the proverbial “teams win.”

    Thanks for the reminder and the assignment. Off to the “forward” key 🙂

  3. This is an awesome video! It is so great to watch people come together. One of the things I miss most from high school is team sports. I am such a team-driven person. We had two amazing seasons and it was because of how close we were on and off the court. Whenever we were in a huddle, it was “Fists in,” not “hands in” because a fist is so much stronger than it’s individual fingers. I love teaching group classes because of the group mentality of working out and pushing and motivating each other.

  4. Did I actually see a few karoake moves in that?

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