How Much Sugar is in a Can of Coke (Video)

I don’t want to beat a dead horse again by talking about sugar but it still is the biggest problem people seem to be having.  In a previous blog post I go in depth in the sugar topic, and in another blog post one of my contributors shares what it was like to stop eating sugar cold turkey.

Here is a great short video that helps drive home the sugar point.

A few weeks ago my girl friend and I decided to take a break from work and go to one of our favorite restaurants called Hu Hot.  It is a mongolian barbecue type place.  Half way through our meal a group of 11 came and sat down near us.  It was obvious they were part of the same company and were going out for lunch.  There were 10 guys and one woman.

I didn’t really pay attention to the group until the waitress started to take their drink orders.  Out of the 11 only 1 drank water!  8 drank some form of soda and two got lemonade (which has just as much sugar as soda).  Then throughout the meal I would say just about everyone had at least 1 refill.  We left half way through there meal, I am curious how many had two or more refills.

Quick snapped this pic when they went to get their food

So any guesses to what type of bodies these 10 guys and one woman had?  Yeah you can guess it.  It was actually quite sad.  10 out of the 11 I would consider obese.  4 of them I would consider morbidly obese.  Only 1 person was around healthy weight.  All the guys had guts that hung well below there belts.

I would have loved to go sit down with them and have a conversation.  I would be curious if they even thought twice about how much sugar and calories they were drinking away and if their health was even a concern to them.  But I have no right to ask those questions.  Hopefully sometime I will get to work with them at my bootcamps.  🙂

What do you think of everything?  Have you change your soda drinking habits at all?


  1. I once knew someone who drank multiple cokes EVERY DAY…a friend of an old boyfriend years ago. You should have seen his bedroom….he was a typical young, single guy……not much into housekeeping….and there were coke cans EVERYWHERE. He was in his 20s and he ended up getting diabetes. His body kind of shut down and he ended up in the hospital when he was diagnosed with it. That was a real wake up call for me……I never really drank soda much, but it clearly showed me how much damage it can do. I still rarely drink soda. It is a treat every once in a great while. None of my kids drink soda either. I have a 17 year old and he never really cared for soda…we never had it in the house, so he never got in the habit of drinking it. Now, our 4 year old twins will sometimes ask for it, but I tell them how sugary and bad it is for them. They accept that and usually don’t ask twice. We talk alot about food being fuel and how you want to put healthy foods into your bodies.

    Thanks for the reminder of how dangerous sugar is and how excessive the sugar is in soda! It really is shocking if you think about it…..

    Water, water, water…my drink of choice 🙂

  2. Nancy K. says

    I prefer nonsweetened ice tea because city water tastes like chlorine to me. I’m spooiled with my well water! You can use Coke (or possibly any soda pop) as a toilet cleaner! The acid level is that high (phosphoric acid). Now, what is that doing to our tummies? Can you say ULCERS?!

    Here is a link to how to clean your toilets with Coke-in this article they mention how harmful sugar is to your toilet bowl and tell us to be sure to rinse it well w/water. And we are ingesting this stuff and coating our teeth with it!

  3. Kristin G says

    I am also surprised by how many people still drink soda – regular or diet. I have a problem with the sugar in regular soda but also the fake sugar in diet soda. I think both are bad. I rarely drink soda, but I think it’s ok to have one once in a while as long as it’s in moderation.

    I also recently calculated how much sugar is in regular yogurt compared to soda because someone made a comment about it on facebook. I usually eat plain unsweetened yogurt and add cinnamon to it. Although some of the sugar in yogurt is naturally occurring from milk, it turns out that 6 oz of regular sweetened yogurt actually has MORE sugar than the same amount of regular Coke!

    6 oz regular strawberry yogurt = 33g sugar
    6 0z regular Coke = 21g sugar


  4. Jenny K. says

    I think this is a very important issue to address, Dustin. Many people have no idea how much sugar or how many calories are in their favorite beverages and don’t think they need to change that part of their diet in order to be healthier or lose weight.

    I just found this link online today and thought it would be fun to share, especially since you mentioned lemonade in your post.

    It’s crazy that 20 oz. of lemonade equals the same amount of sugar as five ice cream sandwiches!

  5. I’ve largely cut out the soda. Years ago, we simply stopped buying it at the grocery store and that made a huge difference. It’s still a problem when we go out to eat, but I try to remind myself of the articles and videos I’ve seen. It just does something to your brain, though. For me personally, I consider it addictive or habit forming.

  6. Karen Bluhm says

    I’ve never been a soda person but know of many who are and it’s difficult to give up that sugar. What a powerful visual to prove how much sugar is put in our food. Just reducing sugar makes such a difference! It’s a challenge I need to keep in the forefront as part of my wellness journey! Thanks for the video!

  7. I limit myself to an occasional diet root beer on the weekends. I cringe when I’m at my desk at work at 7 a.m. and the first sounds I hear from my co-workers are of them popping open their first Cokes and Mt. Dews of the day. That’s breakfast for most of them. Yet another thing my mom was right about–we weren’t allowed to drink soda at home, only when we were sick.

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