Funny Laughing Workout Video

There are a lot of jokes I could say about this video but I will keep them in.  I really hope that after watching this video you DON”T decide to get the DVD.  I can promise you my Fit Moms For Life DVD, or Ultimate Buddy Bootcamp, or Got Core DVDs, don’t have this type of fake laughing.  I have to give them credit for thinking outside of the box though and being different.

I want you to pay attention to the video and stop it at 0:50 it no longer looks like she is having fun. 🙂 It looks like she is ready to be done with this video and embarassed to be in it in the first place.

I would if this is a DVD that these 4 people are going to show to their kids and grandkids some day?

Feel free to write a caption for the video below or make a joke, I promise to laugh 🙂

PS Don’t get me wrong, I think it is extremely important to laugh and have a good time, and laughing certainly engages the abs.


  1. Hysterical laughing, followed by a scowl. So genuine!

  2. Its just creepy! I laugh when I work out, but usually over my lack of grace!

  3. Hi Dustin, Happy New Year. I have heard of laugh therapy so I think that the video makes since. Normon Cousins believed in laugh therapy. He would suggest to people who were sick,,to get in front of some good fun movies and laugh. Like the movie “Hang Over” that movie is funny, and good comedians like Woody Alan, Jack Benny, Laurel and Hardy are still funny. Exercise and enjoy. Laughter is healing as well as exercising. Shalom, Esther

  4. I don’t know Dustin. I sometimes laugh like that when I see some of the exercises you and Ryan demonstrate some of the exercises you are going to put us through at boot camp!

  5. Kathleen Larsen says:

    So let’s see……. how do I “not engage in negative talk” here? 🙂
    So I’ll just recap what I noticed: they did a whole “8” lunges! they make “good” actors by faking the laugh; they got paid to do this.
    Can we pretend it’s an acting tape vs. a work out tape?
    Thanks for sharing! I did crack up!

  6. WOW! I was annoyed in the first 25 seconds, I can not imagine doing a whole workout video listening to that. I wonder how many people have actually purchased this. Good find Dustin but I think I will stick with my Sex & The City DVD’s for my laugh therapy. Happy New Year Everyone!

  7. This is hilarious Dustin! I can’t believe the look on her face at the end. It’s like a split personality.

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