Lessons We Can Learn From a Quadriplegic


A couple days ago I got the privilege and honor of meeting one of the families that won my $500 prize.  They wanted to make the 45 minute drive to meet me.  Their story is incredibly inspiring and I hardly made it through the interview without crying!

I was blown away by the positive outlook they had and how they look at obstacles as only challenges they get to overcome!

You might need some Kleenex out for this one.  I hope after watching this video it will move you to take action!

megan1I forgot to mention in the video that Megan is a 4.0 student and is going to be leaving next year to attend college and follow her dreams.  She says she can’t wait to go off to college!

Whenever you are feeling lazy, or unmotivated, I want you to think about Megan and her 2 hours a day at physical therapy, to do all she can, to take a few steps.

I haven’t asked Megan this, but I am sure she would love to answer any questions you might have for her, so write your questions below!

I would like to give this family much more than the $500 I could give, so if you are feeling touched and would like to take action and give some money, time, or needed supplies, please put a comment in the box below and I will provide the contact info to the family.


  1. Megan is a fighter and what a positive outlook she has. Its a story that should make everyone feel appreciative and grateful for what you have and can do each day. I think a good outlook has alot to do with your progression for everything. Megan keep up the great attitude and never give up.

  2. Wow, what an amazing person. Thank you for sharing and thank you for the reminder of not taking our life and body for granted. Attitude is everything.

  3. Dear Megan,
    This morning I promised to take my kids ice skating. I planned to just stand on the ice in my boots and watch them. After I heard your story, I went down to the basement and unearthed my own ice skates that I haven’t used in at least 10 years. And I skated with them…because I CAN. We had a wonderful morning together. Thank you for helping me to remember to appreciate the simple things. You are an inspiration.

  4. Megan,
    You have such a great attitude! You really inspired me. I was having a bad day and really needed to hear your message! Thanks for reminding me just how lucky I am. Good luck with your walking – I will think of you each time I work out or when I don’t feel like working out. I know that will inspire me to work just a little harder. You very much deserve Dustin’s prize. Enjoy the freedom the portable ramps will give you. I know you will succeed at anything to want to do!!!

  5. Megan,
    Congratulations on all you have accomplished and all you will in the future. It is awesome that you haven’t let others define who you are and what is possible for you. The idea that there is always someone struggling more, or worse off in some way than you are, is so important. It definitely helps keep things in perspective. Thanks for sharing your story!

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