Interview With Biggest Loser Contestants Kristin and Cathy!

This past weekend I was able to get an exclusive interview with season seven’s Biggest Loser mother/daughter team Kristin and Cathy!  They were both so amazing and definitely have a passion for helping people begin “living their lives” instead of just existing.

Here are some of the biggest take aways I got from this interview:

cathyandkristin1.  Weigh your food using a food scale, you need to measure it to manage it.  Our society has lost all perspective on proper portion size and the only way to be sure is to buy a scale.  I recommend a digital one, you can get them at a Target or Walmart for about $30.

2.  Surround yourself with people who are going to support your new healthy behaviors.

3.  Get out of denial and stop living a “comfortable life.”

4.  Work with professionals.

5.  Don’t focus just on the scale, but overall health benefits.  Focus on getting off meds, and decreasing aches and pains.

6.  Find enjoyment in physical activities.

7.  Don’t just do one form of exercise.  Cross train and find new activities that you can try out.

8.  Prepare as much food yourself and don’t rely on eating out.

9.  If you have to eat out, plan ahead and know what are the better choices at restaurants.

10.  Make a food journal.

11.  You don’t need the Biggest Loser to get what you want.  Dig deep and realize you have what it takes inside of you.

12.  You need to make the COMMITTMENT!

Inside Secrets of the Biggest Loser

One of the most interesting things Kristin said about the BL behind the scenes is that they weigh-in the morning of the TV weigh-in under medical supervision. But, the contestants don’t know the results until the official weigh in.  In order to prevent extreme dehydration measures, they are required to give a urine sample right before the weigh-in and if it doesn’t meet BL standards, they have to drink water until it does.

Also they had to prepare ALL their food on the ranch, there was no one who cooked it for them.

The weigh-in actually takes a lot longer than you see on TV because of all the takes and retakes that is required for TV.

The contestants still keep in touch with each other since the show and also are close to contestants from past seasons and newer seasons.

Are you ready?

If after watching this interview you have become inspired and are ready to take that next frightful step towards becoming the YOU that you deserve, I would be honored to be your “Bob and Jillian.”  Whether you are in the Madison area and can come to a Fit Fun Bootcamp, or if you workout with me in the comfort of your own home through the Fit Moms For Life DVDs, or if you are just wanting some quick workouts to target your midsection through my Got Core program, I would be honored to have the pleasure to work with you!  If you are uncertain which program is best, or just need a little guidance, I am giving you permission to email me directly at, this will go directly to my inbox instead of my assistants inboxes.  I will try to help as many of you as I can!


  1. Great interview! I love Kristin and Cathy!!!!

  2. Louise Brown says

    I would agree with the “being prepared”. When I travel for work. And it it only two hours away from home. I pack my lunch. It’s much healthier, convenient and quite frankly cost less. I have tried finding the better alternative — subway, etc. But I end up not feeling well. I really eat well at home and when I eat out it is more of a chore than a pleasure (I know, shouldn’t it be the other way around?!) But most places that are reasonably priced and quick are made from poor ingredients and when you do not eat that way regularly your body reacts!

    Dustin, thanks again for finding ways to inspire us!

  3. Louise Schrunk says

    I agree you don’t need a tv show to loose weight but you do need support. I guess I need to go buy a food scale. About that though, how do you weigh casseroles or soups that you make in bulk and just throw in what you have in your fridge? I cook everything at home and rarely eat out but can’t seem to loose weight. I only drink water and little milk, eat only whole wheat grains, eat tons of fruit and try hard on the veggies but know I can bulk that up too. I know it has to be in my portions. I do only used small plates for meals but again there must be something I am not doing right to get over that next weight loss hump I want to be at. Any advise how gage larger/bulk dinners that are made from scratch with no receipe?

  4. Buying a scale is key. I just began fit fun bootcamp on January 11 and as part of the program, he suggested we buy a scale and weigh our food. What I noticed is that my portion sizes were off! Before the scale, my meat portions were too large and my vegetable portions too small. I probably did not need a scale to tell me that, but there is something that happens when you measure your food and know, ok, this is what 2 oz of chicken looks like. Or, this is how large a 100g apple is. It helps me a lot. Also, it’s not as tedious as it seems; I have come to enjoy the preparation it takes to weigh things out. And now, since I have been weighing, I can pretty much guess how much a serving size is. I weigh just to be sure! All that to say, an electronic scale is a really good investment! I got a nice one from Walmart! 🙂

  5. Really interesting. I like how they (and you Dustin) don’t preach that it’s all one thing. They talk about the food journal and food scale as much as they talk about the exercise component. Being prepared, mixing up the workouts so you don’t get bored… It’s all a big puzzle, you can’t put the picture together without all of the pieces. Really great interview… gave me lots to think about.

  6. I’m going to jump in here, Louise, with your question about gauging the calorie count of something like casseroles….or what the proper portion size would be. I have done the figuring at times when baking something, or making a favorite entree–it is really a good question. My solution might not be quick, but I
    have a comprehensive book that lists the carb, protein, and fat content of foods; the rest is pure grunt work, looking up everything and measuring/weighing, doing the math :). Start a notebook with your favorite recipes and calculations, or simply add the info to your recipe card. Just thought of it, if you have school age kids, get them involved and learn some practical applications of the math they are learning :). You mentioned about meals that have no recipe; there you will have to initially measure whatever you throw into the pot. It can get to be a fun challenge, to see how calorie efficient but tasty you can make a meal! However, I have found that the simpler the meal, the easier it is to cut calories-in other words, combining and making sauces and gravies to bind a bunch of foods can get dangerous :). That is not to say that it can’t be done-a veggie soup with a low sodium tomato juice base is an easy example. You mentioned eating tons of fruit; if you remember what Abby listed what she ate for wt. loss, fruit was VERY restricted. While being great food, it needs to be eaten in moderation because of its carb content. Berries are the best choice for wt. loss. The other big downfall can be grains, even though whole grain and healthy; have maybe a half cup of steel cut oats in the morning, or a sprouted grain bread sandwich at noon, but from there on, limit your carbs to a vegetable source as much as possible. As you mentioned, veggies are where you could improve….that is probably the biggest area of success and is what I am presently working harder at-like, I just ate an egg with a cup of T.J’s organic broccoli slaw (20 cals., 5 g. carbs)sauted in coconut oil. Veggies can be added to every meal, and making them raw as often as possible is really good. Blending up a bag of frozen veg. with some hot water and low sodium seasoning is a low cal. way of getting them in too. And last, as Dustin has been saying lately, don’t forget the healthy fats; they could be the final nail to pound in for success :). Since Tracie’s articles last summer, I have been trying to get in sev. Tbsps. of coconut oil/day, plus a little olive oil and butter, avocadoes, and raw nuts.
    Sorry, this got really long….sheesh, Dustin has said all this stuff, but it is what I am trying to get back at doing again, now that the kids are back at college-no more midnight snacking with the kids, you know?!

    And yeah, Kristin and Cathy are way inspiring!! They just glow with success! 🙂

  7. Louise Brown says

    About the small plates: I really think that is important. I started doing that lately for my husband. It really is helping. And look at what is on your plate. Half of your plate should be veggies. Now look at the remaining half of that plate (again small plates). It should be mostly lean protein. Is this the night you have a tablespoon of whole grain something?? Just not every night.

  8. It’s all about the “tools”-

    Dustin has given us his 108 ways to get fit in 2010, ths week I decided to check #16 off the list, buying shoes at a real shoe store that does foot stike analysis, very interesting-and helpful, who knew there was a right and wrong way to tie shoes! It was great to have the one on one customer service, my feet are so happy. The best part was the young man who waited on me kindly looked at me and asked if I could run on a threadmill, I laughed and asked him to crank it up, move over, this big girl can run thanks to bootcamp/mamatone…..haha.

  9. great interview, dustin! those two seem really positive and friendly and generous with their experience, and i like the way you don’t favor one over the other when you interview. i like how you ask both of them all the questions and want to hear both of their stories. you’re a good interviewer!

    louise s, i wanted to add that maybe you don’t need to make it that complicated with the casseroles and soups. depending on ingredients and methods used to make them, some will of course be more calorie-rich than others, but if you limit yourself to a proper portion (maybe one cup?), you should be all right. it seems to me most often that many people eat “healthy” foods, just not little enough of them. me included! even a brownie is okay if you eat one NORMAL sized one! it’s eating one as big as a dinner plate that is a problem! haha!

    step away from the dinner-plate-sized brownie!

  10. Dig deep. Best two words to take away from the interview for me.


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