What Are Your Dreams?


As I was reading one of my personal training fitness professional magazines this weekend, I had a mini epiphany.  The article was written by a fitness professional name Greg Justice and he was talking about the difference between goals and dreams.

You hear me talk a lot on this blog about setting goals.  I believe so much in goal setting as one of the most powerful tools to helping you go from where you are now, to where you want to be in the future.  But this article I was reading talked about how we set goals in order to achieve our dreams.  It is our dreams that should really get us excited and keep us motivated!

The article listed a couple examples:

Goal: Lose 40 lbs.

Dream: Fitting into that little black dress and dancing in the arms of your husband once again just like you did in high school.


Goal: To achieve maximum health

Dream: The fear of becoming disabled and suffering a slow, painful death like your parent did.

I would like to ask you… What is your goal and the dream that goes along with it?

Before you do, I will start by sharing 3 of mine, two of which are physical and one career focused.

Goal: To eliminate my knee issues/pain.

Dream: To be able to play recreational basketball, football, and any other sport for many more decades.  To be able to hike some of the highest mountains in the world, to be able to play with my teenage kids and be able to beat them!


Goal: Achieve 4% body fat

Dream: To place in the top 5 at the world fitness modeling championships in Vegas (unfortunately with my elbow this will have to wait a year)!


This was me last year at Vegas with some of my friends. I was at 3.8% bodyfat!

Goal: To help transform the lives of 1,000,000 moms.

Dream: The overwhelming satisfaction of knowing that I not only empowered them to be the best they could be, but also played a role in helping the kids of the moms live a much healthier and fitter life.

I shared with you 3 of my goals and the dreams that were tied in with them.  Now it is your turn!  Also please consider the following question: If all your workout goals where achieved and became reality overnight, when you wake up tomorrow morning what would your life look like?


  1. Goals:
    1.Food=Figure out and maximize a “feed/fueling” schedule to match my confusing work/sleep and exercise schedule.
    2.Exercise=Maximize my efforts in mamatone and bootcamp-paying attention to technique/form. Increase my confidence, grace, and coordination-begin to see myself as a person who has the ability to become fit and even slightly “athletic.”
    3.Mind=Continue to challenge myself to work past excuses, and see instead they are really just choices/decisions I made-I am in control, I can do this.
    To become the confident healthy person I have the ability to be, not the person I chose to become, I do not have to settle for second best!

  2. Goals
    1. To keep better food journals and measure my quanities better
    2. To do better pushups and challenge myself with heavier weights
    3. To lose 15lbs by christmas
    To be more healty and fit and firm and to look better in my 40s then I did in my 20s.

  3. Goal:
    1. To lose 15 lbs by January 12th, my 35th birthday and be under 200lbs for the first time in 6 years.
    2. Continue on the journey and lose another 35 lbs by April 1.

    Dream: To become healthier (not using food to feed emotions), stronger physically and emotionally confident for the rest of my life.Maybe have another child if these goals can be met and maintained.

  4. goal: to get some abs

    dream: have people stop telling me i look pregnant!!!!!

  5. polychromatic says

    Goal: To lose 15 lbs by christmas. 50 lbs by May. To live a clean and active lifestyle. Teach my children good food and activity habits.

    Dream: To have a life where I’m not wallowing in shame and embarassment every waking moment and no longer obsess about the numbers on the scale.

  6. If I obtained all of my workout goals overnight, I would wake up the next morning to endless possibilities.

    Dream: Believe that I have endless possibilities.

    Goal: Think positive thoughts today. I need to take this day by day. My husband tells me that I am a negative thinker, I have an upbeat personality but yet think negatively about myself. If we bring about what we think about, then I’m creating a happy, healthy family who can then extend this health and happiness beyond themselves.

    Thank you for cheering us on and leading us forward Dustin & Abby.

  7. EstherPearlman says

    To be healthy and strong, emotionally and phhysically. To b able to have a better memory. Get more things done. Write Next book, promote it and paint beautiful paintings. Get more organized so I can find everything when I need them. Be able to share my ideas and have people learn, laugh and enjoy what I have to offer. Esther Pearlman

  8. Goal: Keep a food journal EVERY DAY!

    Goal: Lose 10 lbs by Jan 1.

    Dream: To stop shopping in the plus-size section!

  9. Goals:
    1 – Be able to acknolwedge and be proud of the accomplishments that I have made with my body and health.
    2 – To train harder and focus on Ironman 2011

    Dream: To be healthy, active, strong, confident and happy with my self image.

  10. Goals:

    1. To keep an HONEST food journal and write everything down. (even gum!)

    2. To shake of 12 pounds before 2010. . . with hard work!

    Dream: to play basketball for the rest of my life and be the fastest player on the court. To always feel confident and sexy in my skinny jeans and SMALL White-T.

  11. Dustin,

    First, let me say, I’m flattered that you mentioned my article in PFP magazine.

    Secondly, congratulations on building relationships with your clients, where they feel comfortable sharing their dreams with you. That’s a great achievement!

    I enjoyed reading their goals and dreams. Keep up the good work.

  12. Sandra Meinholz says

    1. To be able to fit into my size 8 again that I fit into two years ago (before my last child)!

    2. Reduce my portion sizes and remember to always measure when in doubt!

    Dream: To stand up/teach in front of my classes feeling confident and wishing I looked like them (really isn’t realistic since they haven’t had two children)!

  13. Goal: To be able to fit into my jeans and pants that I currently have. I refuse to buy bigger sizes.

    Dream: To have fitness and working out be a part of my life even when I’m in my 80’s.

  14. Goal: To finally lose those last 8 pounds that have held on since my last pregnancy (How can I be so close to my goal weight yet see no change when I’m constantly working on it?)
    Dream: To feel honestly beautiful within my own body. To love and accept myself, and reflect that self-acceptance in my relationships with others.
    Goal: To teach my children proper eating habits and a love of nutrition
    Dream: To have them enjoy cooking with me, and exploring new recipes, tastes and culinary experiences as a family.
    Goal: To write a book from the heart. To work fearlessly and joyfully–with gratitude.
    Dream: To know success and enjoy success as a result of my decision to work diligently and share what I’m learning and care about most.

  15. Dustin, this is so interesting. I usually think in terms of my vision of myself once I achieve whatever goal I have set for myself. Dream in this context is synonymous to vision Here are 3 sets from my list:

    Goal: To lose 10 pounds by January 1 2010
    Dream: To fit in my wedding dress that I used 21 years ago

    Goal: To keep track of my calorie intake while making sure that I eat high fiber and low fat foods
    Dream: To maintain a low cholesterol level and not have to get on medication

    Goal: To continue participating in at least 3 5-K races / a year
    Dream: To remain fit and healthy and to show a good example to my kids as long as I live

  16. Goals: Gain strength, lose fat while shedding 15-20 pounds. Take 7-10 minutes off my sprint triathlon times. Accept & see myself as an athlete.

    Dreams: Keep building my book platform while encouraging other men & women to get & stay active. To finish an event in 2010 knowing that I left it ALL on the track.

  17. Goal –
    To be able to attend Bootcamp again. Financially, this is proving a challenge right now but somehow I will get back. Intertwined with this is my desire to get and “stay” in shape.
    I was getting there in the spring but did not stay there 🙁

    Dream –
    To not spend time every waking day feeling bad about myself and how I look. To have a body that will keep me strong and healthy for my son as well as help me age more gracefully.

  18. Goals – to do my fit moms for life dvd workouts at least 3 times per week and lose 6 lbs by January 1. (my original goal was to lose 10 lbs in 6 months, I’ve lost 4 in the first 3 months) Also, to start a food journal.

    Dream – to be as strong, healhty & fit as possible for the rest of my life.

  19. Having goals and dreams are only thoughts/concepts until we put the work into achieving them, for many of us the first step to success is admitting we need help, that we ourselves are not enough, and that is where we have all been gifted with Dustin and his trainers-caring professional people who take the time to personalize there attention, they provide the tools that will allow us all to meet our various goals-and that makes us all winners. Thank you to all the trainers who give so much of themselves-we may be fighting personal battles, but we are not doing it alone, you help us succeed, and sharing success makes it even sweeter. YOU ARE THE BEST!

  20. To take risks and step out of my comfort zone and not worry about what other people think so much. To get my master’s in social work; become certified in the fitness field and enter a fitness model competition in my 50’s. To adhere to a clean eating plan on a more consistent basis. Most of all, enjoy the here and now and be engaged in life and not look back or worry about the future. Thanks Dustin!

  21. Goal: To lose 10-15 pounds by the end of the year and be able to do good push ups repetitively.

    Dream: Feel strong and confident within my own skin!

  22. I appreciate the website and the information you are providing. I did write and ask you how a 66 year old can recover after having a horrific auto accident where I was told I could never walk again. Well, I am walking, but wish I could run. How can I get physically ready to do that.

    My goal is to run somehow (slow) and get some energy back to do so. If I could get my walking back, certainly I can do other things. Any suggestions for a person who is 66 and has 13 pins in her hip and a stent in her aeorta and a desire to continue being strong?

    • Sandra, Thanks for the comment. I am not a doctor and don’t know the extent of your past injuries. I would start with walking and increase the speed of your walking if things feel well. With the amount of hardware in your body it is hard to say if it can take the pounding of running. Have you ever thought of running in a pool? Awesome cardio workout without the pounding on the joints.

      If you tolerate the fast walking and your doctor okays it you could try to go to a jog, but I am not sure if the benefits outweigh the risks.


  23. Goal: To lose 60 lbs so that I can have a baby, be confident and get rid of my knee pain.

    Dream: To never, EVER have to wear spanx under my dresses ever again!! They suck!

    Dream: To live a fit and healthy life as an adult and parent (whenever it happens) so that I have energy to keep up with my kids and know that I have done everything in my power to be around for them for a long time and that the rest is in God’s hands.

  24. Mary Hoffmann says

    Goal: Lose enough inches to comfortably fit into the 70+ pairs of pants, shorts, & skirts in my closet that are too tight to wear. I counted them last night!

    Goal: Reduce my cellulite and build upper body strength.

    Goal: Consistently exercise 5 days a week.

    Goal: Develop and maintain a health diet.

    Dream: To be physically fit, healthy, and full of energy!

  25. Goal: To find a healthy balance in my diet everyday!
    Dream: To find peace with just one dessert a week 🙂

    Goal: To continue to improve my strength and tone my abs.
    Dream: To be a competitor again! I want to compete at some level and in some way but I haven’t found my niche or my passion.

    Goal: To stop emotional eating.
    Dream: Find peace with myself when things aren’t going as planned and find another outlet then food!

  26. I am 57 years old. I have been working out for 13 years. I am never happy with my body. I have never had nice legs or hips. Now that I am experiencing menopause, I am now fitting with my abdomen, which was not so much a problem. I work during the week. I try to work out at least 4 times a week and eat healthy. I am 5’8″ and 135 lbs. Please help me transform by body and especially my legs. Lunges are difficult right now, as I am in the process of surgery soon on my back, and am really fretting over the recovery time.

  27. Dude at 3.8% bf you are dead…

    you seem 7%


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