2009 Goals Revisited

The post is a response to the post made soon after 2009 started asking everyone to write down their goals for the first 3 months of 2009.  Please go back to that post and check out what everyone said. I want to congratulate all those who posted, it takes some guts to do that, even though it is still pretty anonymous.  It was neat looking back at some of the successes of the past 3 months.

One of my physical goals was to bench press 250 lbs.  This has been a goal of mine for some time now and it has always eluded me!  So here is the video of me trying!

[youtube dIk958kk4Fc]

So, I unfortunately didn’t make it.  I had benched 240 lb the week before.  But there are many lessons that we can take away from this.

#1  Make your goals challenging.  This was a very tough goal for me since I have tried it for a couple years.  Even though I didn’t reach this goal, I did improve my bench and am at the strongest point in my life.  The saying “Shoot for the moon and if you fall short you will fall amongst the stars,”  is a great reminder.

#2 Don’t make excuses.  I have a couple very legitimate excuses for not reaching this goal, but I don’t even dwell upon them.  If I don’t take responsibility for not reaching the goal, then there isn’t anything I can do to reach it in the future.

#3  Evaluate why the goal wasn’t reached.  This could sound like making excuses, but it is different.  It is looking at the reasons why the goal wasn’t reached and how to change that in the future.  For me, I didn’t consume enough calories to put on additional lean muscle.  The second reason was that I didn’t follow a specific benching program designed to increase the bench press.  My training program wasn’t specific to that goal.

#4  Reevaluate the goal and decide if you want to try for it again.  Some goals you might not be interested in achieving.  At one point it sounded good, but now it isn’t important to you.  If you have reached the goal you must make new goals!  That is the fun part.

In closing, continually make goals and review them often.  Goal setting is one of the most powerful tools you can do.  They give you a benchmark to go off of when evaluating the success of any effort you are putting in.

So now it is your turn!  If you shared your goals last time, look back and tell us how you did. Then share with us your next 3-6 month goals.  If you didn’t share your goals last time, this is your chance to put some goals into writing.  3 months from now we will check back and see how you are doing!


  1. Brian Petty says

    Does my face get that red when I’m wrestling with my little 125? Great effort! 🙂

  2. Multi_tasking Marilyn says

    Wow !! Has it been almost 6 weeks for me at Bootcamp? Only missed 2 classes in between driving to Chicago each week for work (mainly on Thursdays). I do feel STRONGER but haven’t lost “noticable” weight (yet). I KNOW I’ve gotta get the eating portion-control on track and being consistently consistent on tracking what I eat. That’s my goal as well as being able to do push-ups to eventually have Michelle Obama’s arms !! 🙂

  3. A 3 month evaluation is a good idea, putting it out there is a good motivator! Just taking the time to put some thought into what you want really helps you guide your life. I’ve noticed that I’m off-track and need to recommit to myself on the healthy meal planning and eating, we’ve been picking up fast food too much lately…my bank account needs me to do this! I kept a food journal for 1 1/2 months but then stopped, so for the next 3 months I’ll be making the time to log it in again. I’m making it to MamaTone each week, and getting enough rest (7-8 hrs each night), now I’m going to get the family involved and set a new goal to exercise with them 3 times each week. One area that I struggle with is my desire to eat breads and desserts so I’m going to challenge myself to eat dessert once a week for the next 3 months. I don’t need it, I don’t even want it, I’m tired of kicking myself afterward, so I’m just going to stop it! 🙂

    New 3 Month Goals:
    1. Set aside time with the family on the weekend to create a weekly healthy meal plan, including snacks
    2. Keep a food journal for the full 3 months
    3. Exercise with the family 3 days a week
    4. Challenge–1 dessert a week, no excuses!

  4. I can’t believe it had been three months already! I am pumped about my results…I have lost 10+ inches and better yet I’m back to my “skinny” jeans!! That’s motivation enough 🙂 Drinking plenty of water is still a struggle for me, but I consciously try to include more water each day. I have no idea what my % body weight has dropped (?) to since I haven’t visited with Dustin yet. My husband has worked out with me on a couple occassions, and I hope it increases with the nicer weather that’s hopefully coming soon. I have been lazy with my running – just plain exhausted after caring for my twin two year old boys and six month old :))

    Next Three Month Goals:
    1) Continue strength training 2-3X per week (I love it!!!) Plus the results have been FAST – thanks Dustin 🙂
    2) Drink more water
    3) Meet with Dustin for another strength training workout

  5. okay, i’ve kept the weight off, although i have this sinking feeling it is because i’m not working out as hard (no Dustin, just imitations) and we all know fat weighs less than muscle. and the not drinking..well, i did well for two months, then went on vacation and it has been downhill since then. I have managed to continue my workouts 2x/week, but as mentioned above, not with the intensity Dustin encourages and inspires.
    Well, writing down the goals was certainly easier the first time, now that i know they will be revisited and all..but here goes
    I guess i would like to
    1. Keep a food journal
    2. Stop drinking for another month, to bring me up to that 3.
    3. Step up exercise to 3x/week.
    4. Increase water and vegetable consumption.

  6. I am in Sao Paulo, Brazil!
    It has been a challenge to pursue health and fitness here.
    These are the excuses:
    They have amazing food, I need to try it all.
    It seems dangerous to workout outside.
    I don’t have any equipment.
    My schedule is not regular enough.
    Some of these seem legit to me, but from past experience, I know that success lies in “pushing through”.
    My goals:
    Get up at 7 am every morning, 4x per week to do a workout.
    Lower my body fat to 28% and my weight to 150. (That is down 10lbs.)
    Eat one “sweet” per day. (I have a serious sweet tooth… but no cavities 🙂 )
    I am enjoying burst training right now, so that WILL continue!

  7. I was very successful in achieving my goal of losing 15 pounds by March. In fact- I lost 20. I also have kept my goal of attending mamatone 2 times per week and doing it another time at home. In addition, I have been eating healthier and less and limiting fast food consumption.

    here are my goals for June.
    1. Lose 15 pounds.
    2.Continue attending mamatone at least 2x per week at the club and doing it one more time at home.
    3. Do cardio 1-2x per week in addition.
    4. Limit fastfood to once per week or less.
    5. Keep a food journal CONTINUOUSLY.

  8. I have made great progress in my workouts. I am using 33lb dumbbells, so I think it is time to go buy the 35lb for my goal. I have increased vegetables in my diet. I still have a month and a half to go before my 52 birthday and I am pretty confident that I will reach my goal of 15% body fat. My wife and I will not be able to do the boot camp, we live too far away to make it feasible. I need to work more on the smiling. All in all I feel really good about my goals and my progress, even with having to take two weeks off for a hernia repair.

  9. Great job Dustin! Your on your way to establishing your goals. I have many goals and I am diligent to sticking to them, I have already seen some little results with my 3rd week at bootcamp and I am loooking forward to more achievements! Thanks again for being there and helping us all accomplish our goals! Abbey too!

  10. Great work at the bench press Dustin, I know you will make it happen in the near future.
    When I made my 3 month goals in January, I thought I was way off base and would never get close to accomplishing them.
    1. wanted to lose 24 lbs (lost 33lbs)
    2. do a full minute plank (did 2 minutes)
    3. have fun at bootcamp (still having fun)
    I was able to accomplish all of my goals, so maybe I need some input from others for my next three month to push me to the next level.

  11. Here is my update:

    1. I joined bootcamp, so I made my goal of working out 3 times per week.
    2. I did cut my intake of sweets by about 1/4. I’m still working on Dustin’s challenge of completely cutting out sweets. I made it about 5 days and then caved in. My family was probably happy about that since I was pretty cranky:) But I’m not giving up. The more I workout and have that “good sore” feeling the stronger my will power. So this will be my third attempt at quitting the sweets.
    3. I kept a food journal almost every day for 2 months, so didn’t reach my goal. I would get too busy and forget to write stuff down and then couldn’t remember everything later. I don’t think that’s a good reason for not reaching my goal, but I’m not sure I want to keep that goal anymore. As long as I continue to feel like I have more energy, am getting stronger, and am losing weight, I don’t feel the need to write everything down.
    4. I’ve been doing really well at keeping the kitchen clean and making a healthy dinner every night. The crock pot is a busy mom’s best friend! The pizza delivery guy doesn’t know us by name now! 😉
    5. Take care of my needs and stop feeling guilty for not spending every waking minute doing something for my kids. – This one I was finally able to over come in the past couple weeks, and it feels good. I feel like I’m a better mom to my two boys now that I am doing things for myself too.

    These last two goals were longer term than three months, so these are still on the list for next time.
    6. Race in the Kickapoo Valley Triathlon in October.
    7. Hit a home run this softball season. – Softball starts at the end of April. Wish me luck:)

  12. My goal for the next six weeks is to exercise at least 3X per week, follow my weight watchers points, and get outside for some bike rides.

  13. Goal 1: Go to MamaTone on Monday, 3/30 & get started.
    Goal 2: Stick with it for next 3 months. (Small goals right now.)

    The hardest parts are getting started & sticking to it.

  14. Here is a recap of my “Goals for the next 3 months” & the results …

    1) Continue my current 5 day/week work out schedule which includes: “MamaTone” on Mondays, Weight Training & Short Burst Cardio on Weds & Saturdays, Extended Cardio & core training on Fridays & Sundays. I would like to get back to yoga once a week too and try out a Zumba class.

    ** Results – I have been working out 3-5 days per week. I am no longer doing “MamaTone” though since I joined the 5:45am Bootcamp three weeks ago and that is going great. I still have not gotten back to a yoga class but I did try out Zumba. I have to say that Zumba is not for me – All I could think about the whole time listening to that spanish music was chips, salsa and margaritas. Bootcamp & hip hop music is more my style. I have not been doing the weight training in addition to Bootcamp since I do have knee problems and I am trying not to overdo it.

    2) Maintain my food journal for the duration of the “I Lost It At The Club” event which is ending on March 2nd.

    **Results – I did pretty well with the food journal Dustin gave us in MamaTone in January. I filled it out until that book was done, so about 6 weeks. I’m not great at keeping a food journal, not sure why. I have tried it a number of times and I just lose steam on the whole thing. I did start another one yesterday though so we will see if I can keep up with it.

    3) Decrease my body fat by at least 5% by the March 2nd final weigh in for this event.

    **Results — At my final weigh in on 2/27 my body fat had decreased 2%. I suspect when I meet with Dustin again and he does the real measuring (Not just the electonic thing) that we will see a more significant decrease.

    4) Lose 10-15 pounds…..Of course, I would love for this to be more but lost inches are important too.

    **Results — In me and my home scales opinion I have lost 10lbs since the beginning of the year. It does not seem like allot but my body is definitely changing for the better. I have a couple pairs of pants that are too big for me and everything seems to be fitting better these days 🙂 I was also very pleased to get confirmation from Dustin this week that he can “Definitely see changes” – I was literally beaming after that email Dustin. Thanks 🙂

    5) Drink WAY more water then I already do & abolish late night snacking.

    **Results — Staying about the same with my water intake. That is all I drink all day but I still need to get more in. As for late night snacking I am doing good. Since I have to get up so darn early for Bootcamp now I am going to bed earlier, hence not eating but sleeping 🙂 Ha Ha

    Going forward I want to continue with Bootcamp until June 5th and then probably get back to MamaTone once a week and my other workout routine. I still have my long term weight loss goals of about 25-30 lbs and have some serious toning to do around my mid section. So far I am seeing results on the top and bottom of my body – the middle is going to take longer.

    That is my story and I am sticking to it – Bootcamp is definitely great though. I love the diversity in work outs and wondering what is going to be sore each day. It is a GOOD sore though — I feel tighter and stronger everyday.

    Thanks everyone

  15. I continued my current exercise of Bootcamp and Mixed Martial Arts. Started out by adding a day of swimming but it changed to add in Dustin’s CORE class (highly recommended if you haven’t tried it), an extra day of weights and 1 day/week of yoga. I was able to maintain my weight, planned out my meals better and ate way more vegetables and fruits than I have in the past. Signed up for a fitness instructor certification class coming up in June. Still working on totally getting rid of the diet soda.

    New goal for Q2 2009 – Make progress towards being able to bench press my body weight. (I have a feeling it will take longer than 3 months to get to the final goal).

  16. So I read that my first goal was to give birth to a healthy baby boy in January. I can almost check that one off, except that he came in mid February, and we’re working on the “healthy” part. So… faced with a special needs child and all that that entails has kind of sidelined my life. But, I’m back at work now, and hopeful that things will fall into place shortly. The next three months for me is all about survival of the fittest. I’m on target for prepreg. weight by May, and beyond that???

  17. My goals from Jan 7 and the results:

    1)Implement healthy eating – failure until 3 days ago, let’s see if I can keep it up for the next 3 months!

    2)Plan my meals weekly – um, failure again until 3 days ago. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!

    3)Lose 25 pounds in 3 months – semi-success … I lost 13 and I still have til April 7th! I hope to lose the other 12 in the next 3 months.

    4)Do Cardio Intervals 5x’s per week – failure, but I do Turbo Kick on Tuesdays and Thursdays. In the next 3 months I plan to get cardio in through walking/running on Saturdays and Sundays.

    5)Continue BC or MT classes 3x’s per week – super success … had a stretch where I did 2 a days 3x’s per week, but now doing BC 3x’s and MT once a week.

    It’s amazing how fast 3 months flies by when you keep telling yourself you will start tomorrow. I am trying to jumpstart my healthy eating and so far it’s working, now I just need to keep a food journal and stay on track! I feel like I’m in the best shape of my life and with the last 5 pounds I lost, the muscle and hard work is starting to show!

  18. Well I have been doing boot camp for about 2 weeks and here are some goals I have come up with :

    1. continue working out 3x per week (boot camp), and add 1 day of cardio on the weekend.

    2. watch my portions at meal time…plan ahead for snacks.

    3. be able to do 10 push ups in a row, the real ones.

    4. feel fabulous for all the weddings this summer 🙂

  19. It’s been a real rough winter here in the northern most region of Michigan. I’ve fallen twice on ice while doing my daily 5 mile walk. The last time was March 10th, right on my knee cap. No broken bones, but still lots of swelling and fluid retention. Doc says about a month more for all symptoms to go away. Walking is very difficult at this time so I’m doing hand weights almost everyday. My upper body strength has increased and I’ve lost inches but no pounds. I’ve change my eating habits to include lots more veggies,fruits, protein and less carbs. I’m still smoke free and loving it. As I said, “It’s been a real rough winter” and I’m looking forward to Spring and a pain free knee.

  20. Ug. Accountability. 🙂
    So here are my goals and where I am at today:

    1. Change my eating habits to reflect a more healthy lifestyle (baked goods, good bye!)
    Yea! There are probably some bakeries going out of business because I have been pretty good (I can only think of two times I cheated in the past three months).

    2. Workout at bootcamp three times/week, and at least one other time on my own each week
    Well, thanks to my love of Boot Camp (and the 5:45 participants) I have met this goal.

    3. Be able to do that awful stair machine for 7 minutes without wanting to hurt someone
    I have to admit I avoid that machine, but can do the 7 minute burst intervals on the treadmill, so I will consider that a small victory.

    4. Lose 15 pounds
    Not even close.

    5. Be an example of a healthy lifestyle to my children as I strive to take care of myself
    Well, we are all doing much better, and I can see better eating habits forming in my kiddso that I pray will last them a lifetime.

    I will stick with:
    1. Lose the baby weight (Ok,he is 6 years old so I really don’t have an excuse).
    2. Continue exercising 4x/week — increase cardio.
    3. Continue positive/healthy eating habits.

    Go us!


  1. […] Well, sure has been inspiring reading all of the goals that you have  met, exceeded, or are still s…  I checked mine from last January and have actually met some! ~ still have to blog them.   So, this week we’re featuring something that can be a staple in the “healthy kitchen”, is fairly quick to prepare, and can be added to many meals during the week….providing you make a big potful and the whole family isn’t turned on to them! 🙂  What an awful dilemma, eh?!  Roasted veggies……can sound boring, but those of you who are doing these know how tasty and versatile they are. I’ve been online with http://www.foodnetwork.com, they have over 2,000 roasted vegetable recipes!………but will just share what I have been doing and see what all of you can add for some variety!  I just begin gathering what I have on hand and start chopping; measurements are really unnecessary.   […]

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